Genetically Hot MILF’s (Marijuana I’d Like To Flower)

Genetically Hot MILF’s (Marijuana I’d Like To Flower)

What kind of MILF did you think I was talking about…?

As any good cultivator already knows – males offer nothing but pollen, seeds and headaches. So, with the predefined end goal of growing great weed, as fast as possible, minus the potential headache of throwing away 50% of your crop due to them dropping sack…and turning male. These hot cannabis MILFs are high on my list for cultivators looking for high THC flower, sticky with aromatic resin.

1.) Iranian Autoflower: Dr. Green Thumbs Iranian auto flower stream is an all Indica strain with parents from the rugged terrain of Iran. It was developed for outdoor use in temperate climates. The lush green plant will grow anywhere, and finishes in just 90 days from start to finish. The Iranian auto flower is compact, growing between three – 4 feet in most grow scenarios, although it can reach heights of 5 feet at maximum. This variety tends to keep branching down to a minimal and focuses most of its energy on developing a single dominant cola.

2.) LSD: Barney’s Farm seed bank used these long-established genetics in combination with a versatile skunk #1 to create the LSD variety. These parents have passed along many of their strengths. LSD is a Hardy, disease-resistant plant that thrives in nearly all reasonable growing conditions. These plants stay light to medium green throughout most of their vegetation, while flowering in only 8 to 10 weeks. The LSD flower tends to have a slightly crazy, twisted stack of calyx’s – thick with sticky, resin encrusted pistils.

3.) K-Train: K – train performs adequately in “sea of green,” however “screen of green” techniques tend to work better. These Indica dominant plants have short internode’s yet enjoy rapid growth in either hydroponics or soil – developing sick dense, sticky colas. Greenhouse gardeners preferred these genetic characteristics in many different Hydro setups, utilizing synthetic fertilizers. When forced, this sticky train wreck of a seed will complete her flowering cycle in just under nine weeks.

4.) Urban poison: while the name can be slightly intimidating – don’t be frightened by this strains somewhat ominous name. Urban poison is a new indoor version of the famous Durban poison from South Africa. The famous Durban poison is mostly suttee the landrace. The urban poison structure and potency is that of modern day production strains: uniform, stable, and compact. The leaves are medium to thin with light green tones and lots of leaflets. As it grows, urban poison takes on the characteristics of the classic Christmas tree shape. The sativa dominant strain is balanced by a significant blend of Indica, making it a fairly robust plant that is easy to grow and accommodating of temperature fluctuations within reason these plants do well in soil, and given the minimal branching, they perform well within the parameters of a sea of green cultivation technique.

5.) Vanilla Kush: is an iconic Autofem that highlights its creamy vanilla flavors… With a mother that descends from high in the Himalayas, rich with the hash plant taste that made Kashmir famous. Crossed with a Hindu Kush father strain from the war-torn region of Afghanistan these two combined strains melt into a flavorful potpourri of highly potent Kush.

As Labor Day weekend has now come and gone, and summer – 2013 – is officially over. Those cultivators who suffer from terminal ‘green thumb’ and can’t wait for the last Frost of winter 2014 to melt; the above strains will keep you happily learning, earning and Burning in your hydroponic greenhouse all winter long.