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germinating marijuana seeds under lights

Germinating marijuana seeds under lights

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In general, seedlings intended for outdoor growing should be kept by a sunny window for the first week or two after emerging from the soil. When they have grown their second or third set of serrated leaves seedlings are usually hardy enough to flourish in direct sunlight.

Are your cannabis seedlings falling over?

If using normal fluorescent tubes (18-36w), seedlings can be kept within a few centimetres of the light source.

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Of course it would help, however, there is nothing better than the suns rays!
Fortunately, These articles on Lighting Systems: LED vs HPS light and When can seedlings be put under lights or in the sun? may be of interest to you.

When to plant your cannabis seedlings outside?

When they have grown their second or third set of serrated leaves (after the the round cotyledons that initially emerge from the seed) seedlings are usually hardy enough to flourish in direct sunlight.

Germinating marijuana seeds under lights

Cannabis seeds only need three ingredients to be able to grow: heat, water, and air. Anything that provides those will result in a sprout, as long as the seeds are viable, so some precautions should be taken when storing seeds in warm or humid climates.

The 3 Common Methods to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The concept here is to use a piece of growing medium, such as widely available peat pellets, and to plant the seeds directly into it.

3. Peat Pellets

When older, dried out seeds need to be revitalized, a good soak can wake them up when done properly.

But yes, each to his own i guess.

But yes, each to his own i guess.

Light helps lettuce seeds germinate, so why would it inhibit cannabis germination?

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Why is darkness recommended for germination? Doesnt seem to make much sense to me, why would darkness be beneficial to the seed in any way? Just curious. I have some seedlings already but decided to go for a few more plants, so i’ve put the seeds in the pots in the same room, threw some black garbage bags over the pots to avoid some of the light + it add more moisture..

You do not need lights to germinate cannabis seeds and if you do then it is not at all going to help speed up the process; I mean, how are lights going to help your seed absorb more moisture and root?

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Well my argument was that it seems unnecessary and possibly harmful to go through the paper method, putting it in a cup, transplating (some seems to transplant 2-3 times – very stressful to the plant to say the least). That’s a a real hassle when handling a lof of plants.

catofcuriosity: I’ve heard that too, but a lot of times i’ve germinated seeds in clear plastic cups, the roots has been exposed to my 1200w HPS lights, no problem at all.. The pots i’m using now are of the usual kind (black) and the roots are not exposed to light, but yes it’s possible that light maybe seeks its way through the soil and therefore it could be harmful to the roots..