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gibsonburg glue seeds

Gibsonburg glue seeds

The glue in the name is in reference to it’s effects ‘gluing you to the couch’. I find GG #4 to be not quite as hardcore as that history might suggest. For me, the first session brings on a light feeling of euphoria in my head with mild body relaxation. I’m still able to think clearly and be productive but now in a real chill manner lol. It’s after another couple sessions that it’s name starts to ring true. All previous effects are enhanced and drowsiness is added as well. I’m a big fan of these mid-range hybrids that provide a decent amount of relief without a major trade off in productivity while at the same time having the option to go ‘all in’ to get a good night’s rest. While I personally will use stronger indicas in the evening, this is a great daytime/afternoon strain for relaxation and pain relief.



I am super impressed with the total and complete trichome coverage! As I said a moment ago, most/all of the trichome heads have been knocked off which is unfortunate but not out of the ordinary when buying bulk (not an excuse just an observation). I found this batch to be a little leafier than usual but the leaves are all formed against the bud and would most likely have caused more harm than good trying to remove them. The buds all have a uniform slightly bland army green with little other color expressing itself. The pistils are orange but still manage to blur into the background of the olive shaded buds.

The first hit at 356f gives me an earthy blast. As the flower starts to warm up that transitions to a flavor very similar to the chlorine taste that you get from Layer Cake but not quite as distinct. It’s got sour and chem flavors galore for the midrange. Towards the end with a heat boost to 383f followed by a finish up at 410f the flavor is an earthy, nutty gas that’s quite nice. This strain is really right up my alley when it comes to smell and flavor.

Gibsonburg Glue aka GG #4 is practically a household strain these days, having won in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this strain is a real crowd pleaser! I picked up a half ounce from Verdant with the base price at $150. This is probably one of Standard Wellness’ top staple strains and definitely one of my favorites.


Initial Thoughts

Standard Wellness’ version is far different than what I remember from trying Cresco’s version. It has the meaty musk that high levels of caryophyllene seem to induce in some Kush strains. In that mix there are clear hints at the genetics with sour and chem notes. It all adds up to a somewhat flowery but mostly gassy/skunky medley that I absolutely love. As a big fan of Sticky Buns which is MAC x GG #4, I can definitely see where Sticky Buns gets some of it’s delicious flavors!

Gibsonburg glue seeds

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