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Global Green CBD (Our Honest Review) Global Green CBD are a CBD company based in London, UK. They’ve gained a reputation for producing great CBD and are popular across the UK. We wanted to review Global Green CBD has collected 26 reviews with an average score of 4.54. There are 23 customers that ❤ Global Green CBD, rating them as excellent.

Global Green CBD (Our Honest Review)

Global Green CBD are a CBD company based in London, UK. They’ve gained a reputation for producing great CBD and are popular across the UK. We wanted to review this company as we noticed their growing popularity, so we hope it’ll be useful for our readers. We’ll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to determine whether or not they’re a CBD company worth your time and cash. Let’s get into the review:

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Global Green CBD overview

As we mentioned, Global Green CBD are based in London and ship their products across the UK. Their most popular CBD products are CBD oils, with strengths from 250mg to 2500mg. The company also offer CBD vape oils and CBG, which is great to see. Their website is not too bad and fairly easy to use, however it would be great to see a bit more background information about the company so we can learn about how the company was founded.

What are the reviews like for Global Green CBD?

Global Green CBD use a platform called to collect reviews, which is great. They also have a number of reviews on Google and Facebook, so there are plenty of reviews being collected on third party platforms which is great to see. Global Green CBD have a 5 star rating on, however, they only have 19 reviews on there currently which is not a huge amount. The reviews are very complimentary and specifically mention the customer service which appears to be exemplary. Interestingly the products seem to be especially popular with women, as most of the reviews on the site are from women. One of the reviewers mentions that they had tried the Holland and Barrett CBD oil but found it to be no good, so decided to use the oil from Global Green CBD and found it to be much better.

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Global Green CBD also use Trustpilot to collect reviews, but they have slightly fewer ratings on there. It looks like their Trustpilot profile was only set up recently which might explain why they have so few reviews on there.

Global Green CBD have a 4.1 rating from over 10 reviews. This is a promising start and we hope to see the company continuing to collect reviews. It’s also great to see that a team member from Global Green CBD will reply personally to any review which is 3 stars are lower, showing their commitment to good customer service.

What does Reddit think of Global Green CBD?

We couldn’t find any mentions of Global Green CBD on Reddit, but we will keep an eye on the website and update this post if we find any threads which mention the brand.

In Conclusion

It looks like Global Green CBD are a great choice for anyone who wants a lower strength CBD oil, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else this company does in the future.


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Global Green CBD Reviews

“ My husband Keith has Parkinson’s which as we all know he has a very bad shak if Keith takes his oil every morning with in 15 minutes his shaking has gone we did try other makes but got no we’re then my brother got Keith G/Green he has never looked back I have told his Parkinson’s doctor all about it he says carry on because Keith looks good on it just 1 thing he can’t run out of it or he is really bad I tell everyone to get on Global Green CBD oil you will see the difference in min please try it . ”

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“ If you or your loved one unfortunately has lost any funds to any fraudulent company, do not be dismayed, with the right hands on the job, you can get it all back, very effective, quick and 100% safe. Get in touch with Finalresolute. com They are very good and reliable. ”

“ Absolutely amazing! There seems to be another company scamming people online using their name, but the REAL Global Green are awesome. The best I’ve ever found. ”

“ Don’t order from these people. You have to call a special phone to cancel not Global Green or they send you $89.90 product forever even if you cancel. ”

“ Best cbd products I’ve ever used by far! Amazing people behind the global green and I have recommended to all my friends and family ”

“ I was doubtful that it would help, but I am delightful to be able to say it really works, not only does it work but it works very well, highly recommended. ”

“ Being diagnosed with psoratic arthritis at 44 was hard hitting. I didn’t want to take the drugs the doctors wanted me to take. Mainly due to the problem from them causing more damage and probably killing over the long run. I looked into using CBD to help and came across Global Green, who have given me a life again. I use the Oil and the balm and can actually do things I wasn’t able to do at the start of the year. I struggle with my hands but work at a PC all day. I put the balm on my hands and then wear my compression gloves over the top. I can work all day and have little or no pain in my hands. I take the oil morning and night, which helps with my pain levels and the low moods and anxiety which are due to my condition. The customer service is brilliant and I can count on them for a quick delivery, which is great for when I’m running low and counting down to pay day before I can place my order. I trust Global Green and have recommended them to so many friends and colleagues, who now also benefit from their products. They really have helped me get my life back and I’m so greatful to them. ”

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