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god bud seeds

God bud seeds

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These plants stay at the shortest end of the growth spectrum, reaching only 2-3 feet in height at harvest, with a bud production that can maximize smaller spaces. While the BC God Bud is not a single-cola plant, her side branching is minimal enough to make it a sea of green choice. Under these conditions, she can deliver a whopping 3-4 ounces of compact, sparklingly resinous buds per plant.

God Bud effects

With over 30 years of experience producing and testing over 150 varietals and the world's top strains in Oregon. We pride ourselves on providing top quality seeds at a price that you can afford. We can offer seeds at this very reasonable price, because we are the grower and we do not purchase seeds from any other entity. No wholesaler involved! Here at PSM we provide seeds that anyone can grow successfully, beginners to experts alike. Here in Oregon we have spent over three decades testing hundreds of strains, spending countless hours picking the best varietals and preserving the strongest genetics and breeding them year after year.

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About this strain

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God Bud marijuana seeds truly are a gift from God, if you believe in that sort of thing. Our idea of heaven is more of a state of mind than a physical location. We imagine the heaven experience to feel deeply relaxing, soothing, and happy all at the same time. There really is no better combination than feeling cheerful and euphoric. That’s exactly what you can expect with God Bud marijuana seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid works overtime to bring you the highest amount of relaxation.

The effects of God Bud start with a body buzz that travels through every muscle group. It starts in the head and gradually makes its way down to your toes. This tingly sensation may also come with mild feelings of numbness, which is great for alleviating pain and nausea. God Bud has many medical benefits as well. It can help promote sleep for those with insomnia, prompt laughter, and increase socialization.

Cadillac Purple’s soaring THC content makes it a medical strain among users with chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea. It comes with sedative and relaxing effects that feel happy and blissful.


God Bud really is an all-around “feel good” strain that’s suitable for a variety of occasions, both during the daytime and evening. You may choose to enjoy this high amongst friend at the bar or by yourself at home. With God Bud marijuana seeds by your side, you’ll feel giggly, giddy, and peaceful.

God bud seeds

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God Bud Regular is a high-quality strain which from its first days of flowering gives off earthy, herbal aromas with a touch of citrus. When we smoke it, it is like a tropical explosion of sweet flavors that stimulate our palate. It is an ideal overnight strain that is said to be an effective tool to combat depression, poor appetite, and of course insomnia.

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Purchase this item and get 9-438 Blimcoins – a worth of 0,45 € – 21,90 €

Purchase this item and get 9-438 Blimcoins – a worth of 0,45 € – 21,90 €