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gog & magog seeds

Gog & magog seeds

Strongly scented of herbs and skunk, Gog & Magog marijuana has a classic aroma, and smoothe, somewhat spicy flavor that consumers find pleasing. With predominantly indica genetics, Gog & Magog marijuana seeds will prefer a humid, warm environment and light to reach their full potential. With between 7 and 9 weeks spent flowering, the impressive strain should provide between 12 and 16 ounces of bud.


Pop some Bubblegum Autoflowering marijuana seeds and get cheerful and relaxed. Ideal for indoor growing, this medium-height strain is a popular pick for people seeking potent stress relief that tastes great.

Cheese Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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The oracle presents considerable interest to the student of prophecy. Great events such as this always raise questions in the minds of those who love the prophetic word, but one thing is certain. Apart from questions of politics, treaties, balance of power, or any human point of view, the believer can learn from Scripture what is going to happen. The important thing is to find interpretations based upon solid principles.

Each of these sections is prefaced with the words, “Thus saith Adonahy Jehovah”, a title expressing the sovereignty of God.

First, let us once again take a bird’s eye view of Ezekiel’s book. The first part bears upon the siege of Jerusalem; the second, upon the affairs of the surrounding nations; the third, largely upon the future conditions for Israel. At once we are led to consider events of future importance for Israel in chapters 38-39. It is clear from the details supplied in the oracle that no past invasion in Israel’s history is sufficient to be their fulfilment. There follows a survey of the eight parts of the prophecy.