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Gold Leaf Seeds
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PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 21%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS16 to 23 oz per 3x3ft

Gold Leaf Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

This is a strain that ILGM’s Robert Bergman cultivated himself and loves! He bred it so it would be easy to cultivate, grow into tall, bud covered plants and have an average flowering time, as well as produce very high yields. It is an indica dominant strain and features a unique and pungent aroma you will quickly come to love. Gold Leaf Strain is also great to grow both indoors and outside and produces powerful buds you’ll love.

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  1. This strain just recently arrived straight from Vietnam. It’s a seriously powerful sativa which is greatest non-hybridized. It grows similar to Cambodian varieties as opposed to Thai with broad leaves growing off bushy plants. The seeds had been initially provided by a Vietnamese friend of Reeferman’s that planned to advertise the very finest of what Vietnam had to offer you. These types of plants are belonging to the Comere people and are the very best landrace plants which Reeferman has ever got the privilege of working with. This strain will certainly stretch out in the course of blooming however not like the degree of Thai strains, similar to a highly behaved Haze strain.

  2. ACE Seeds Golden Tiger is a catalogue hybrid and has 100% sativa genetics.

  3. Afropips Malawi Gold Seeds InfoMalawi Gold is Internationally renowned as perhaps the most Potent Psychoactive Pure African Sativas. Afropips Superior First Tier Malawi Gold was selected from a decade exposure to Top Malawi Growers for that Spicy Taste & the best Psychoactive Clean Vibrant High. The buzz is Durable & offers an Enjoyable Alert Mental Clarity blended with a Warm Gratifying Feeling that radiates through the entire Body. The eclectic Tropical & Luxuriant Spicey Sativa Up High could be caused by the existence of THCV within this Early Cultivated Strain. Superior First tier Malawi Gold is just Offered by the very best Malawi Gold Growers in Malawi. This is simply not Wild Malawi Seeds Gleaned in the Regular Inferior Cobs that are available for the visitors & exported to South Africa & the brand new World.

  4. As a come about of the latest developments in marijuana genetics we’ve pioneered, the grade of our Acapulco Gold surpasses the typically rhapsodised smoke of days prior. Equally as importantly for all of us, even so, was catching its spirit. Such as the initial namesake, these stunning, firm colas are flecked with gold & reddish brown hues, with very obvious THC crystals. The extreme fruit cocktail of tastes pack a solid sensation that truly lingers. Acapulco Gold is sativa dominating, offering a lengthy lasting high that stabilizes upbeat effects with body-relaxing, stress decreasing calmness.

  5. Kerala Gold is an amazingly high yielding Indian hybrid strain with a medium THC content. It comes with a strong Skunk aroma accompanied by a smooth earthy flavour and offers a soothing body sensation.

  6. Hashy, chemy, marshmellow fruity funk. I took my oldsckool sweet turpentine pheno for sensi star and offered her a disco nap along with my strong solid malawi gold father. This cross produces some amazing kids, the sensi star has virtually zero stretch plus an amazing warm rich terpene signature, with immense buds blanketed in crystals. In addition to the super heady electric healthy stretching malawi gold male. Magic is within the making, expect intense vigor, bionic yield, powerful potency, and remarkable floral, menthol, pine, spice fragrances. This hybrid kicks ass outside with wild bag appeal and it is very appropriate indoors as well for any malawi hybrid. These seed ventures were produced in a natural biodynamic growing environment using the utmost care, meditation, respect, and good vibes, utilizing the best parental selections coming from a small but astounding gene pool. May all of your aspirations be realized as well as your seeds sprout.

  7. High Altitude Pamir Gold came from the western Himalayas of Tadzjikistan. The plant was tailored for the high altitudes from the Swiss Alpes during many years of selective breeding. Once selected seeds were reproduced within the Netherlands. Pamir Gold is generally a Indica variety (60%,40%) possessing a sweet earthy flavor which includes a breath of pear and lemon. Healthy and balanced plants are 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall outdoors, mildew and mold resistant.

  8. Awards: 1st place HTCC 97′, 98′ and 99′. Skunk (97′), Northern Lights (98′), Haze (99′). The most indica amongst the sativas, a vintage hit. Tough, enduring, blasting. 10- 11 weeks with yield as much as 800 gr/sqm. Harvest in middle October within the Northern hemisphere, in middle May within the Southern. Yield anywhere up to 1500 gr/plant.

  9. A tacky toffee head banger of the new variety. These f1’s grow so strong along with a great deal vigour, they develop huge solid nugs of crystal laden bounty. Holy Grail (Super Silver Cross) x Kong). This varieties high, could have you licking your lips while it nears readiness and on liftoff you’ll comprehend its potential as contemplation shows its head and you liquefy into a heavy rooted meditative area. As realization dawns, you are aware of this ones planning to turn into a staple provider of your medicinal requirements! Goldfinger has developed into a very stable strain since the breeders at Holy have flattened out any irregularities, ensuring that plants all perform precisely the same, again and again. Holy Smoke Goldfinger is jaw-dropping and imaginative, you recognize you undoubtedly should have to do this one out. With full flavour and incredibly strong THC content at their heart and a future endeavor with Simon from Serious Seeds you are able to promise to be hearing much more from these fellas.

  10. Finally offered in seed form the Internationally renowned Malawi Gold, South Africa’s most wanted Sativa, due to its sweet earthy to lemonesque aromas and flavor quite simple to cultivate with heavy results frequent as lustrous buds swell and develop and a stone of remarkable quality, gorgeous earthy and introspective which works on numerous levels you are equipped to undergo the history these plants have with humanity. Historically these buds are draped in banana leaves and buried in order to cure which provides a very smooth and ush palette. A hugely popular choice for those who are in the know.

  11. Here is the king from the Sativas. Arriving on the the surface of the 2nd tallest mountain inside Africa you could ensure very good genetics and THC levels well over 20%. An authentic African gem! Seeds are very white yet house quite strong growers which will have you entirely impressed while they fill out and cover in terpenes. Huge plants accompanied by a big stone, not for your faint hearted!!

  12. Another fine strain brought to Malawi during the mining migration times by the Ngoni Tribe. This strain is very close to that of Malawi Gold except it is more adept to the elements. Really a great high and a pleasant aftertaste.

  13. Malawi Gold is globally acclaimed as among the most powerful feel-good psychoactive pure African sativa thats exists and has for several years been Amsterdam’s number 1. Heavy Buds, Christmas Tree, Multi-branched with electric lemon taste.

  14. Mulanje Gold will be the sativa of sativas. Here’s the King of the Malawi Gold strains belonging to the 2nd highest mountain in Africa. These seeds are whiter compared to most and appear almost under developed. Definitely not for your faint hearted. Heavy buds, Christmas Tree, Multi-branched with a lemon gold taste.

  15. Next Generation Seeds presents BC Golden Skunk. It is a unique skunk selection coming from British Columbia, Canada. It’s feminized here regarding seed collecting purposes.

  16. The Kaya strain was selectively bred capturing the intentions of Amateur and Indoor Growers in mind. Kaya grows huge and high but still comes with an earlier finish date. Kaya is refreshingly distinct from Skunk possessing a spicy taste accompanied by a moderate THC level. Kaya is a wonderful pest resistant plant which takes heat.

  17. We utilized exactly the same Early Afghani we used to produce the BC Mango, however we used an extremely chosen extremely quick Santa Marta Colombian Gold male as opposed to the Brazilian Manga Rosa. It is a really early, top quality outdoor Love potion type which completes with an outrageous yield and quality.

  18. 100% Indica: hash odour and a noble wood flavour. Narcotic effect – used to dry climate. THC medium-high.

  19. Don’t let the name fool ya! You get more pinks and purples than gold from this 100% indica variety. Named in recognition of the panel that returned the Gold Medal to Ross Rebagliatti.

  20. Colombian Gold is an interesting crossback from the Santa Marta region of Colombia. It is a mixture of pure lines and is vigorous and branched with a sweet and intense smell. Colombian Gold stands out due to its flavor and powerful psychadelic effects.