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good cheap lights for growing weed

Grow lights allow you to control exactly how much light your plants receive, ensuring they get the same amount of light day after day, without the grower having to solve problems with bad weather or cloudy days that happen in an outdoor environment.

Factors to consider before buying a grow light

The first thing to consider before buying a grow light is how much money you want to spend. With more states coming online with adult-use legalization, homegrowing is becoming more popular and growing technology is getting better and more efficient all the time.

How many grow lights do I need to grow weed?

New LED grow lights come out all the time, but knockoffs abound. There are a lot of cheap LEDs that don’t produce the right spectrum of light for plants.

Good cheap lights for growing weed

CFL grow lights are the twisty-looking bulbs you can find anywhere you normally buy light bulbs. They produce a great spectrum for growing cannabis and can be used in tiny spaces where no other grow light would fit such as the inside of a cabinet.

Fluorescent grow lights come in many different shapes and sizes, from twisty bulbs to long tubes. Fluorescents are popular because they make efficient and pleasant lighting for humans, and also work great for herb gardens and other types of low-key indoor gardening without using a lot of electricity.

The light from an HPS appears yellow, and is great for flowering plants because the light spectrum stimulates bud production

Full tutorial on CMH / LEC grow lights
(LEC stands for “Light Emitting Ceramic” and is a type of Metal Halide bulb that is built with ceramic like an HPS – basically it’s sort of like a blend between MH and HPS bulbs)

Good cheap lights for growing weed

Here is a very brief outline of how to grow a single plant under cheap LED lights. Indoor plants need three things to survive: light, water and nutrients. Marijuana plants go through three major stages of development that are universally recognised among cannabis growers: planting, vegetative grow and flowering.

By changing the photoperiod from 18/6 to 12/12, the plant will go into the flowering stage, responding to the daylight hours reduction. This tells the plant that it is time to reproduce because it is going to die soon. At this point, a check should be made to ensure that absolutely no light enter on the grow room during the dark period.

At this point, plants need more daylight and therefore require bright white light LEDs, which operate at 5000-6500K on the colour temperature scale.

How to Use Cheap LED Marijuana Lights?

At this stage you need the maximum possible light output, at least doubling the output used in the growth stage and correcting the spectrum towards reddish. LEDs can work wonders at this stage. Just keep them as close to the buds as possible (without burning them).

Cheap LEDs come in 2700K, 3000K, 4100K, 5100K and 6500K models. Figures at the lower end of the Kelvin scale, such as 2700K, are the type of cheap LED lamps best suited to the later stages of plant growth, while 6500K is best for vegetative growth.

Cheap LEDs for Growth

Generally, each plant should be covered by at least 10,000 lumens. So if a standard cheap LED bulb emits 2,500 lumens, 4 or more such bulbs will be needed to grow it. Cheap LEDs come in 15, 26, 42, 65, 68, 85 and 105W versions, although larger models are available.

On the other hand, those looking for higher yields and a more automated grow setup are better off avoiding cheap LEDs. The general rule of thumb here is that when you need anything more than 250W of power, you’re better off with some other type of light. We have a whole specialised section for you to choose the cannabis lighting that best suits your needs.