Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue Seeds
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Gorilla Glue Info

PLANT TYPE50% Indica 50% Sativa
THCUp to 26%
DIFFICULTYEasy to grow
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS16 to 18 oz per 3x3ft

Gorilla Glue Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Sticky fingers, ruined scissors and many hours of trimming make the Superglue a strain to be prepared for. The sheer size of the cola’s produced by this baby require adequate airflow to prevent issues later in her flowering cycle, you will notice her leaves slowly loosing their darker green color with the big fan leaves quickly turning yellow half way into their flowering period. Superglue is a medium strength Indica/Sativa hybrid with a mainly Indica growth pattern, and a relaxing, social after effect. This is a strain for cash-crop growers who desire both yield and quality and don’t mind to invest in new scissors every harvest. The aromas balance between pine and caramel, but this strain does not stink too much during her flowering period making her suitable for growers who prefer to keep the smell down.

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  1. Paradise Haze plants are getting ever more popular. Yet actually it’s one of the oldest and vintage strains, dating back to the 70’s.

  2. YO MAMA has hit the shelves. Its a mix of Afgooey and Appalachia (Green Crack x Tres Dawg). Massive, bold, and delightful, identical to your mama. Using two unbelievable proven breeding partners this particular one is established on extreme trichome production. They appear like lime greenish crystal wish mountains with a detection of apple spice, carmel, skittles, and lemon balm. Heavy warm zonking body high bear hug which includes a happy heavy head.

  3. The Biddy Early is Magus Genetic’s looks to grown into one of their greatest ever. Biddy Early won second place in the Sativa Cup from the High Times Cannabis Cup 2003.

  4. World-famous Trainwreck is carefully combined with the classic Sour Diesel and finalized off with a wholesome dosage of Thai in this high-yielding variety. Dense resinous flowers are followed by small leaves, allowing more air flow to protect against mould and mildew. Commercial producers in addition to connoisseurs will value the sophisticated layering of flavours and trainload of crystal-covered colas. Dazy Jones flowers in only eight to nine weeks and reacts well to sea of green growing; a greenhouse is suggested for outdoor growers battling short flowering seasons.

  5. This Critical cross with Rudelaris will provide great yields, power as well as the typical Critical flavor in a auto flowering modality. All Indica lovers and Critical lovers generally speaking are fortunate with this auto flowering hybrid, that won’t doubt in flowering nevermind what happens Indoors or Outdoors.

  6. A 100% Pure Landrace Sativa Strain coming from Darkest Africa. The Very First Nigerian offered in Amsterdam Coffee Shops during the 80’s. Africa always delivers Amazing Strains & this particular one isn’t any exception. It features a very Hash like taste and good high. Nigerian is a pretty fast sativa well suited for outdoors in Northern Hemisphere with good chunky bud production. Indoors plants are small statured with lots of bud mass per plant. Cured buds employ a lemon tea aroma.

  7. Dinafem Seeds Moby Dick has blended genetics of Haze and White Widow.

  8. The tallest mountain in beautiful New Zealand and a plant which lives up to name! A primarily indica cross which has all of those familiar characteristics. Huge broad leaves, thick short branches and stems, hefty pungent buds basically blanketed in snow-like crystals. The smoke is stoning and heavy, almost paralyzing! Although more time than some Indica’s, Mt Cook features a sensible flowering time, and high yield turning it into an excellent indoor plant.

  9. Like many Afghani strains (with high amounts of CBD) this is destined to be favored by medical patients.

  10. The Tora Bora is the meeting of a natural Pakistani and a natural Afghani! This blend is actually a mix of 2 celebrated strains; the LA realized for a lagging veg, modest turnout, and Terrific Powerful flavor; and, the X-18 understood for stretching in the 1st month only to reduce down and complete pungent and blueish with her buds rock and dense hard. The mixture of the 2 can make for a fast vegging, very early completing strain containing dark green buds having blueish rock hard nugs blanketed in crystals. Ordinary turnouts for the Tora Bora make her a terrific plant for modest and also large gardens. LA & X18 are potent medical herbs and both offer a history of easing pain and helping patients with insomnia. Entirely, the Tora Bora is a knock out !! A necessity for virtually any one that takes into account themselves a massive or high tolerant smoker!

  11. Third prize Highlife Cup Barcelona 05′. Primarily sativa with indica tendencies, Belladonna is a perfect cross for excellent as well as turnout. Paradise Seeds recommended this variety in 99′, as well as because that free time it has actually secured passion by having commercial growers. This variety blends a quick harvest free time by having a sativa high. In part called for her charm, Belladonna is an enjoyable searching tree by having mild leaves, indica growth patterns as well as tight, a little bit orange buds. The aroma is fruity as well as pungent, and the taste is actually additionally fruity with some spice. Belladonna delivers a trippy high by having peaks of hallucinogenic scrambles. No prima donna, Belladonna flourishes in a variety of environments. While favored in California and Spain, she has actually done adequately outdoors also in the reduced hospitable Dutch temperature. Her resistance to mold could be actually in element sensible for her external stamina. Indoors, she does adequately in a sea of green set-up. Making use of this technique, flowering may begin as quickly as the plants are actually 6 inches (15 cm) tall, considering they will definitely go on to grow in the flowering pattern to 2.5-2.75 feet (75-85 cm). Belladonna is actually not very bushy, making it feasible to increase trees close all together.

  12. Humboldt by CH9 Female seeds is ideal for souvenir seed preservation.

  13. A compact sativa bush, very ideal for guerilla growers.

  14. G13 Labs Gigabud feminized Seeds are a Indica / Sativa mix constructed from a G13 hybrid.

  15. 65% Indica. White Widow and Swiss genetics. Fruity citrus odour and musky, fruity flavour. Excellent for SOG. Easy to grow. Couchlock high. THC medium-high. K2 is a dutch original. This 65% Indica plant produces an abundance of resin. She can be grown both interior and exterior. K2 is very hardy plant, resistant to mould and fungus. The K2 strain is fairly easy to grow compared to other white strains. She is more difficult to clone. Highly tolerable to overfertilization (up to 2.5), without signs of burnt leaf tips. She is a big yielding, commercial variety and is ideal for a hydro system. K2 is a fastflowering variety with plenty of side branches. Suitable to top to create multiple large buds. K2 has two phenos: one typical Indica (short and bushy), the other has more of a Sativa structure. K2 is a notoriously fast sprouting strain, usually within 24 hours. Vegetative period of around 4 weeks and under 24/7 schedule these babies will be perfect for SOG. Outdoors she is suitable for on a balcony. K2 has a fruity and citrusy smell and a musky, fruity taste. She gives a knockout high, very much couchlock.

  16. Fuma Con Dios features a Pure Haze smell, natural Haze taste, pure Haze result. The Skunk father maintains the height down and the maturation period to within 3 months. Also, he pumps up the yields to a respected 200 grams per square meter. This potent Haze comes strongly suggested for impatient Haze lovers. Just one generation pulled from the very first Haze of the 1970’s.

  17. Pandora can be our novelty in automatic blossoming varieties.