Grand Daddy Purp Review

Grand Daddy Purp

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Ken’s Grandaddy Purple Genetics are a new breeder to hit the UK cannabis seed market. These seeds have only just been made available over here in the UK, which now means they can be sent all over the world (with the exception of a few obvious countries of course). Ken’s Grandaddy Purple Genetics is a reassuringly small range. The cannabis seeds in this range are only available in regular format. One of the strains called Bay 11 is a high yielding, fast flowering (for sativa) sativa strain. While the other two strains in this range are a breeder’s dream – The Original Ken’s Grand Daddy Kush, and also The Original Ken’s Grand Daddy Purp, both available in regular packs of 10 Seeds! As always with all full packs of cannabis seeds sold by Seed City, multi pack discounts are available ahould you want to buy 5 or 10 packs of seeds.

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  1. An OG Kush/Afghani Kush x Casey Jones cross feminized Cannabis Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank. This seedbank has gotten marijuana seed strains from various prize winning lines and crossed these to supply you with merely some of the best, female pot seeds for true connoisseurs. The superb structure for these beauties and low leaf to bud ratio cause them to become a delight to cultivate and harvest. Kushy, diesel flavours with meaty/musky undertones and hints of citrus fruit. Overwhelming indica potency accompanied by a complex sativa edge rendering it suitable for inspiration and relaxation, often causing you to feel creative, confused and craving a lot more.

  2. SoGouda Tangy Flavor, Lime Green, Luscious.

  3. Built off of one of the rarest OG’s, this amazing strain produces extremely resinous flowers. DOC’s OG has a good yield. Produces a strong facial high.