Granddaddy Purple Seeds

Granddaddy Purple Seeds
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Granddaddy Purple Info

PLANT TYPE100% Indica
THCUp to 23%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Granddaddy Purple Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Ken’s Grandaddy Purple Genetics are a new breeder to hit the UK cannabis seed market. These seeds have only just been made available over here in the UK, which now means they can be sent all over the world (with the exception of a few obvious countries of course). Ken’s Grandaddy Purple Genetics is a reassuringly small range. The cannabis seeds in this range are only available in regular format. One of the strains called Bay 11 is a high yielding, fast flowering (for sativa) sativa strain. While the other two strains in this range are a breeder’s dream – The Original Ken’s Grand Daddy Kush, and also The Original Ken’s Grand Daddy Purp, both available in regular packs of 10 Seeds! As always with all full packs of cannabis seeds sold by Seed City, multi pack discounts are available ahould you want to buy 5 or 10 packs of seeds.

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  1. Grandaddy Haze Marijuana Seeds presented by Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank; a SSSHD mix with Grandaddy Purple. Connoisseur Genetics offer several of the finest cannabis seed strains available after which squeeze in a twist. Using anywhere possible the initial prize winning varieties Connoisseur Genetics subsequently add in phenotypes developed to make the greatest even greater. Utilizing the sour overtones of the SSSHD merge that cannabis strain with a few premium Marijuana by means of Grandaddy Purple and you also end up getting seeds, which being frank are fruit cocktail of tastes with complex flavors. Several of the phenotypes will turn purple with an added extra!

  2. The fruity, purple skunk goodness from the GDP is struck with Grandaddy Purple pollen to create for you pure Grandaddy Purple. This strain will amaze featuring its funky tropical flavors, vibrant colors and exquisite stone that never ceases to raise a grin. A fast flowering time and exceptional bag lure turn this perfect for the cash cropper along with the connoisseur. Perfect for SOG process.

  3. Totally dark purple color. 80% indica. Powerful perfume scent with a sweet flavor and also strong stone.

  4. Purple Widow presented by De Sjamaan Seeds is a hybrid involving Purple and White Widow.

  5. A combination of Purple Power having a big fat tasty Maroccan mother. As the mother has been selected on taste and weight, she adds strength and resin production to the Purple Power. Each strain is super early and the quickest varieties on the market for outdoor in cold/mountain climates. This with the excellent flavor of the Maroc it’s an absolute winner. Several buds is going to be light purple overloaded with resin. A true eye-candy that will be enjoyed! Greatest sowing time is the ending of April.

  6. 2 of the most sought after varieties finally come together for the perfect blend of connoisseur and commercial strains. Blueberry x Purple Kush/Skunk! Blueberry cross purple kush grows anywhere from 4-5 feet tall very bushy plant beautiful light green plant with lots of purple colors. If you like blueberry and purple kush flavors this is the ultimate strain yields anywhere from 4-6 ounces.

  7. Purple Pineberry is a variety that we have selectively bred and it is a great hardy plant that boasts a distinct pine odour and fast flowering time. Secret Valley developed as an outdoor variety, but also grows great indoors.

  8. Mr Nice Seeds The Cure is carefully bred from complex parallels to unite a lot of genetic material from verified male lines of remarkable pedigree since the 70s. This limited seed line possesses secrets inside it if nurtured well and selected with all of one`s senses. They are incredibly functional indoor plants available and old school scents waiting to become freed into life.

  9. Green House Seed Co Moneymaker is a new feminized cannabis strain from The Green House Seed Co for 2011. The flowering period indoor is 55 – 75 days and outdoor harvest is begining of October.

  10. Automaria II from the Paradise Seed Bank is a feminized auto-flowering cannabis seed strain, that is widely deemed Sativa dominant. This Amsterdam centered seed company was able to produce some unique autoflowering cannabis strains utilizing the most from the initial autoflowering strains like low-ryder and mixing in their own cannabis cup winning genetics to develop some fine female autoflowering Seeds. While still a Sativa/ Indica hybrid this strain is definitely the resultant mixture of Automaria NR 1 (father) along with a tremendously famous Sativa variety in an effort to breed a brand new generation of feminized Seeds. With very notable characteristics this strain will certainly prove popular between the cannabis seed collectors network

  11. The finest Sativa’s usually are worth waiting for, and Honey Bee isn’t an exception. The lengthier flowering time permits the buds to mature and fill out fully. The extreme high of this sativa is clear and racy and contains a fruity sweet taste. This plant expands during flowering

  12. Early Bud is definitely a new and upgraded version of Early Girl providing a smoother smoke and strong high. Early Bud is among the earlier maturing selections within Nirvana Seeds outdoor collection. Early Bud carries a slightly spicy fresh flavor along with a pleasant high. This plant can transform purplish during late maturity and is an excellent selection where space has limitations.

  13. 75% Sativa: sweet odour and fruity flavour. Psychedelic effect -more suitable for outdoor. THC high.

  14. South Indian, Great White Shark, Super Skunk. Quite intense indica with instantaneous body effect, stoned and extremely enduring. Indoor able to harvest in 2 months. An additional week will offer amazing resin along with a sweeter taste. Yield as much as 800 gr/sqm. Outdoor ready close to the end of September within the Northern hemisphere; or close to end the of April within the Southern. Yield as much as 1200 gr/plant.

  15. Nirvana Royal Flush is definitely an F1 marijuana crossbreed of Jock Horror as well as an Eldorado from Oaxaca in Mexico. Seeds from this assortment increase into tall as well as lanky marijuana trees, with plenty of budding sites. Royal Flush has an unique sweet-and-sour flavor that are going to leave you smacking the lips, and its buzz is actually dynamic and uplifting.

  16. Auto #1 is our own original autoflowering dwarf strain. At among the many affordable rates in the marketplace, Auto #1 is really a wonderful beginner’s strain. No separate space or light cycle is required to flower. Moving straight from seed to the flowering stage eliminates the vegetative growth period entirely therefore it is done as soon as every other auto within our range. Whenever developing Auto #1 we desired a strain with an enhanced yield and flavor while keeping all of the advantages of an autoflowering dwarf such as Lowryder. Not just that, it’s got one of the very least odour amounts of any auto which makes it an outstanding discreet grow. If given 20 or perhaps 22 hours of light, the results may be really enjoyable. Much more vigorous along with a higher psychoactive effect, Auto #1 possesses a far greater flavor as compared to Lowryder and several typical autoflowering strains. It’s regarded as quite simple to grow, nearly foolproof, and its dwarf like height causes it to be suitable for terraces, balconies or anyplace where space is restricted. Auto #1 will certainly flourish in most enviroments given it’s offered a great deal of light (even very northern latitudes).