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grape cake seeds

The buds grind up to a fluffy consistent pile of trichomes and terps and I know just from the look of it in the bowl it’s going to burn on point. The smoke is clean as expected and the grape terps stay strong and juicy on the inhale with a super gassy exhale leaving me with gassy after breaths and sweet grape flavours on my pallet not for to long though this is a short, sweet and super refreshing flavour profile.

Happy to see this back on the shelves today @caliclubtenerife I’ve waited patiently for this to come back.. @trichomefactory flower never disappoints.

Super sweet artificial grape smells, like grape candy chews. The grape like terps intensify when the bud is ground with slightly Earthy and gassy undertones.

The small but compact and dense buds are absolutely covered in orange hairs and glassy trichomes. With only a few small minty green sugar leaves protruding, that stand out against the blending orange pistils and thick trichome layer and give this strain very unique looks.

The high was was as refreshing as the flavours. I instantly felt my mind becoming refreshed and energised. I got quite excited after my first bong, party because of the terps partly because of high. Defiantly a good start to the day. Relaxing but not sedative, energising but not overthinking. This is one of my favourite fruity daytime strains.

Strains with a mixed ratio of THC and CBD.

Out at the edges of aroma diversity and intensity, you will find many cake/pie varieties. This delightful new addition to our line-up celebrates Seed Junky’s latest in a heavy hitting, beautiful new flower. Grape, dark stone fruit, and wet earth are all entangled in this structured new profile. Our team has been quick to adore this new offering.

THC-Rich strains containing low-to-zero amounts of CBD.

Every cannabis strain possesses a unique ratio of THC to CBD. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD (cannabidiol) is a therapeutic compound showing promise at relieving pain and anxiety. A Type 1 plant, with high THC and low CBD, is more intoxicating than a plant than a mixed ratio Type 2, or a Type 3 high CBD/low THC plant.

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CBD-Rich strains containing low-to-zero amounts of THC.

Cannabis is among the most chemically diverse plants on earth. Prūf’s careful formulations of Type and Terpenes guides exploration of your ideal strains.

Terpenes are what make up a plant’s essential oils, driving richness in flavor and experience. Each Prūf strain contains multiple terpenes and other than Type, terpene profile has the biggest effect on how you experience cannabis in your body.

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