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If you’d like to learn more about weed delivery service, this blog will help you with everything you need to know to place your first order. Learn about weed and culture in DC. MD Cannabis Employees Qualified for Coronavirus Vaccine Individuals employed by cannabis companies in Maryland will be receiving a similar status to healthcare workers for the coronavirus The group D.C. Marijuana Justice says giving away weed will encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Cake Mix Strain: No Baking, Just Baked

Cake Mix is a mild strain with vanilla and nutty flavors that offers a blissful and giggly high, perfect for social situations. This Sativa-dominant strain keeps you relaxed yet focused, making it great for daytime smoking.

Black Afghan Strain: The Strain For Sleepers

Black Afghan is an Indica-heavy strain with a moderate THC content. It offers smokers a pungent, peppery flavor paired with an earthy, fruity taste. It’s an excellent choice to eliminate stress and lull you to sleep.

Rainbow Sherbet Strain – An Exotic Hybrid With Fruity Flavor

The cannabis strain Rainbow Sherbet is a balanced hybrid with a potent, fruity flavor. Rainbow Sherbet is a perfect choice for cannabis enjoyers and is available for pick up and delivery anywhere weed is available.

Orange Crush Strain: An Uplifting Afternoon High

Need an extra kick to get you through the day? Improve productivity with the Orange Crush strain. Learn more about how this energizing sativa strain can improve your day!

Citral Glue Strain: The Best Daytime Cannabis!

Citral Glue Strain is an energizing strain that is perfect for daytime use. Learn more about its effects and benefits, including its incredible impact on depressive patients.

The Best Head Shops In DC

If smoking is a large part of your life, then you’ll want to scout for the best head shops in your area. These stores sell a wide variety of products linked with tobacco and cannabis use, including water pipes, bongs, rolling papers, cigars, and incense.

Get A Full-Body High With Gorilla Cake Weed

Gorilla Cake Weed is a potent strain that offers an immediate full-body high. Find out more about its effects and benefits. How can you get Gorilla Cake in DC?

What Makes White Walker OG Strain An Award Winner?

White Walker OG strain isn’t your everyday nug. It’s a two-time award winner and Indica favorite. Why? Get all the reasons here.

Mendo Cookies Strain: Mild or Wild?

Some marijuana strains walk the fine line between heavy-hitting and meek. Their stats might point to a potent high but you just need a little more oomph to your nugs. Mendo Cookies strain is that kind of weed that makes you do a double-take: should you get some or not? Everything will be up to your personal experience with the strain itself but here are the facts to guide you before you test the waters.

What is the Mendo Cookies Strain?

Originally cultivated by Oregon Microgrowers Guild, Mendo Cookies has other nicknames you might recognize including Mendocino Cookies and Mendo Chocolate Cookies to name a few. It is known to be an indica-dominant hybrid with a 75-25 ratio and a kickass lineage behind it. As one of the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies or GSC, Mendo Cookies has a lot of sweetness to live up to.

In particular, Mendo Cookies was made by crossing GSC with Mendo Purps, another epic strain but certainly not to the acclaimed level of GSC. Still, Mendo Purps, otherwise known as Mendocino Purps or The Purps, is not a strain you would dismiss. In 2007, it held a Top Ten slot as one of the High Times’ Strains of the Year. Northern California’s Mendocino County has this as one of its favorites.

With the combined genetics of GSC and Mendo Purps, Mendo Cookies won the genetic lottery. It’s no wonder its high has been evaluated far and wide just to answer the question: Does it live up to its lineage?

Its THC content makes it somewhat of a gray area for cannabis users as it does average around 15 to 25%, posing a possibly inconsistent range. With the highest end of its THC content going up to 25% Mendo Cookies is supposedly quite potent and recommended to more experienced stoners. Still, some say it is on the mild side, and beginners could surely join in on the fun. You’ll have to try it out for yourself.

Mendo Cookies Strain Profile


Mendo Cookies strain has a plant that grows olive green leaves and flowers, but you wouldn’t immediately see its pops of color as its trichomes frost it white nicely. Bright orange hairs add some color to its pale greens and crystal whites, its appearance understated but charming in its own right.

Scent & Flavor

A Mendo Cookies pack will open you up to its grape-like aroma, earthy undertones softening you up. Berry hints can reach up to your nose, inviting you for a sweet smoke. Its flavors are more or less the same with some added nuttiness and surprisingly spicy outbursts. It can also be cheesy and minty on the exhale and pungent if you’re not ready.

Mendo Cookies strain has its terpenes showing spicy and sweet notes with Caryophyllene as its dominant terpene, spicy and peppery. Its limonene and pinene terpenes can be attributed for its citrus, berry, and earthy play at the back of your throat.


The part that everyone has been waiting for— mild or wild? It’s up to your own body’s response to Mendo Cookies, but so far, veterans might find this a bit on the mild side. All of this depends on the THC content, so you need to check before you purchase.

All in all, Mendo Cookies can make you very creative in its first waves, rocking through your body, relaxing you with happy giggles and uplifted spirits. Sativa-leaning strains can also ignite an artistic spark, but this one is very tranquil and calm. Your euphoria could be intense but not necessarily lead you to a complete slumber as many would expect from their indica favorites. Mendo Cookies can arouse the body and energize you too. Its side effects include getting a dry mouth and some dizziness.

Medicinal Effects

Medical marijuana patients can use Mendo Cookies for their depression, PTSD, stress, and anxiety, the calming effects leading to relief. Some also use it for headaches, migraines, and insomnia. Most of the time, Mendo Cookies do not bring you straight to sleep but can make dozing off a little easier.

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Growing the Mendo Cookies Strain

Growers might recommend this strain to beginners who are still figuring out how to cultivate their marijuana; it is easy to grow and maintain. The Mendo Cookies strain flowers in around 60 days and produce an average yield. It can be grown indoors and outdoors but, more often than not, is taken indoors because of its smaller size.

It’s advised to select a high-quality Mendo Cookies male and cross this with your most prized strain, and you can surely have some fun.

Final Thoughts

The community might be divided about whether the Mendo Cookies strain is tough or not, but you can try it out for yourself to get the answer. The THC content is an important stat to look at, but its flavors are just as sweet as you would expect from its legendary parents.

Lemon Lava Strain: One for the Sativa Lovers

A name like Lemon Lava can make anyone curious. Luckily, this bud matches its name to a tee. With citrus notes and an explosive experience, there is a lot to learn about the Lemon Lava strain and its prominent sativa high. Below is all the info on this mouth-watering and popular cannabis strain.

What is Lemon Lava Strain?

First cultivated by Jai Malloy of pHinest Cannabis, the Lemon Lava strain is top-shelf material. Its Emerald Cup award from December 2019 is only one proof of that. The rest might be its beloved flavors and tasty high thanks to its parents: Lemon Heads and Lava Cake. Despite its hype dying down after its initial 2019 win, it is still a classic hitting sativa lover everywhere with its 60-40 sativa-dominant ratio.

Its THC levels average 19 to 20% and its CBD levels are usually around 2%. Not bad stats all around, but the LitHouse brand version does scale up to 24% for longtime stoners out there who need a little more intensity. Many of the best delivery services choose to include Lemon Lava in their menu as it remains a high-quality classic.

Lemon Lava Strain Profile


Bright colors alert here! Even in the looks department, Lemon Lava’s name is accurate to the maximum degree. Much like lava peeking out of a volcano’s mouth, Lemon Lava has hairs sprouting out of its crevices of vivid green. Its cannabis plant is one to wow you with its vibrant colors in beautiful shades of green and saffron. Its nugs follow suit with greens and oranges and a luscious resin coating making it sticky. buds have vivid saffron-colored hairs. Crystal-like trichomes glisten atop the foliage like a crowning glory.

Aroma and Flavor

Bring a Lemon Lava strain flower to your nose and instantly feel the freshness that comes with its citrus fragrance. Its aroma will fill you up with both sweet and sour smells and flavors. This will be enough for you to want to start smoking then and there.

Once you have some time to try out your powerful bud, you will feel its lemony flavors right as you get your first inhale. The burst of zest will wake you up and reward you with some sugar on the exhale. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any fresher a bite of apricot adds the right amount of fruity appeal to liven up your body. There’s a reason Lemon Lava is an award-winning strain and this is one of its strong points. Undertones of grape and earthiness complement it well and create a gorgeous depth: a treat for your senses.


This part is what every stoner who has heard all about Lemon Lava is excited about. And with good reason: Lemon Lava strain is a sativa fan’s dream. You can get giggly happy with each toke, uplifting feelings rising to the surface as you continue with your session. Your body feels amazingly relaxed throughout as you climb higher and higher on the joyful side of things. The focus will take over as you begin to feel enveloped in clarity. Energetic and bubbly, you will have a sweet smile etched on your face just as you reach that euphoric high. Each moment will have you alert and bright with happiness.

Some side effects of taking too much Lemon Lava would be dry eyes, a dry mouth, and some anxiousness. Be careful with the intake on your first smoke and keep yourself hydrated with a glass of water nearby.

Medicinal Effects

It’s no surprise that the Lemon Lava strain can be of great help to those in need of a pick-me-up. It’s a sativa-leaning flower with all the effects you would need from the name. This joyful energy can be of help to those with depression, stress, and anxiety. It must be noted that too much of the nug can cause some anxiety. Its uplifting qualities are also used for those recovering from too much fatigue at the workplace or academe. For its pain treatment, it may alleviate the pain from migraines with its clear and relaxing effects.

Growing the Lemon Lava Strain

Lemon Lava is pretty average on the grower’s end. Its growth difficulty is moderate and it also flowers and matures at an average rate. Its flowering time amounts to 69 to 83 days. Meanwhile, the harvest time comes in at 88 days. It can be planted indoors or outdoors with the former yielding around 1 to 2 ounces per square foot and the latter coming in at 15 to 20 ounces per plant.

Final Thoughts

Looking for some lemon flavors or just a really big sativa fan? Lemon Lava is a must-try if you’re into the sweet and sour taste and an uplifting high. If you need some concentration and some freshness in your mouth Lemon Lava and its great track record has got you. Click here if you’re looking for home high-quality, classic cannabis strains at your fingertips with top-notch cannabis delivery services.

Purple Wookie Strain: A Monster Indica

How would it feel to be enveloped in the warm embrace of a gigantic Wookie? The Purple Wookie strain boasts the possibility of giving you that experience with a twist of violet shades and flavors. This flower has more than just some lovely bursts on your tastebuds but can also be the relaxation you need after a stressful day. Is it a monster? Probably one you will want under your bed for a good night’s sleep. Let’s keep an eye out for Purple Wookie strain and all its stats and facts down below.

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What is the Purple Wookie Strain?

This hybrid from Bodhi Seeds Company leans heavily on its indica side. With 19 years on the market, Bodhi Seeds has mastered the science of cannabis genetics and you can certainly trust that Purple Wookie has the quality of many other top-shelf marijuana. It is a cross between Wookie 15 and Purple Unicorn. Both were cultivated by Bodhi Seeds so you know research went into creating just the right combination. Its THC levels average around 20 to 22% making it a monster in its own right but one you might want to welcome as its calming qualities are sought after and its flavors unique but harmonious. The strong potency might not be for all newbies, but it can be taken in smaller doses for some firsts and delivery isn’t hard to come by.

Purple Wookie Strain Profile


With its appearance matching what you would imagine a Wookie to look like Purple Wookie is a strange sight but at least you can recognize it straight away. Its orange pistils and light green buds are furry with purple and olive green and white trichomes. Its plant itself looks like a mammoth of purples and greens, an explosion of colors all around. Purple Wookie nugs might have less of this purple hue and more of the orange and green coming out, but it is still a celebration of all things Wookie with its abundant hairs in amber bursts.

Fragrance & Flavor

A mystical name and a colorful profile go well with Purple Wookie’s scent and taste. It has a mystical quality to it as it entices your nose with a citrus and berry candy aroma with chocolatey notes just adding decadence to each sniff. You might want a good jar to stash away the flower as its intense sugary smell can make your whole house smell like a candy store.

On the inhale Purple Wookie’s taste is exactly what you expected from its aroma. A sweet doughiness will fill your throat and its chocolate and earthy sweetness will make you feel warm and relaxed. Each exhale has the right amount of sourness that you like from sour candy. It’s a heavy smoke— one sweet tooth will love, especially those that enjoy some tang to their confection.

The high of this strain is a delayed effect that would fool any cannabis smoker into believing this flower to be a productive one.


Purple Wookie is that “monster” under the bed because it’s slow, creeping high. As a nightcap, it can be one of the lingering relaxation tools that hits you right at the end. Its high potency rates are not to be scoffed at despite its slow start. Some nice tunes or just any fuzzy couch can do well for its early moments. It brings you in with its luscious candy-like flavors but right when you’re comfortable with your clear mind, don’t bother to grab your to-do list. You won’t be able to do anything productive with this in your pipe.

The two activities you might be able to check off your list are staring at nothing or sleeping. Purple Wookie will get you into the perfect spot to do just that as its high comes at you at its tail end. Soon you’ll be shutting the lights off and snoozing. It might not be one of the most popular marijuana strains around, but if you’re looking for a true blue indica-dominant flower, this strain has got your back.

Purple Wookie’s side effects are the usual dry mouth and eyes you might see with most cannabis. Keep some liquids around for when you’re thirsty, and you’ll be good to go. Since it is a heavy-hitter, it isn’t often recommended for beginners since its large doses can cause heightened sensory perception and possibly panic attacks.

Medicinal Effects

Medical marijuana patients might get some Purple Wookie for pain relief, reducing inflammation, and stress relief. Those with muscle spasms might also grab a jar.

MD Cannabis Employees Qualified for Coronavirus Vaccine

Individuals employed by cannabis companies in Maryland will be receiving a similar status to healthcare workers for the coronavirus vaccine, reported Ganjapreneur. This was made possible with the help of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) which issued a directive regarding the matter.

The document stated that cannabis employees are covered in the 1A priority group which states that “licensed, registered and certified health care providers” are eligible for vaccine priority. The order encompasses various parts of the marijuana industry including cultivation, processing, testing, and retail. However, it is worth noting that active license holders with certification from the MMCC are eligible for priority status.

The MMCC’s directive is rooted in the essential service status given by the Maryland state government to the medical marijuana industry. As of writing, there are over 130 cannabis businesses in the state, noted Bizjournals. These companies are currently holding active registrations with the MMCC.

Aside from cannabis workers, Governor Larry Hogan’s Office reported that other healthcare workers, long-term care facility staff, and first responders are among the first ones to receive effective vaccines.

Hogan said, “Our team at the Maryland Department of Health has worked hard over the past eight months preparing plans to procure, distribute, and administer COVID-19 vaccines when they become available.” He added, “This is, by far, the most massive undertaking of this pandemic. The cavalry is coming, a vaccine is on the way, but it is absolutely critical that we continue to fight this virus with everything we’ve got, and we need to keep doing all the things that we know will help to keep us safe.”

The state will allocate vaccines for 227 nursing homes and 1,668 assisted living facilities, which will be distributed through CVS and Walgreens. In December, Maryland was set to receive a total of 155,000 initial doses, the first of the two-dose vaccine from Moderna and Pfizer. Bizjournals said that the current phase covers around 500,000 employees with the addition of law enforcement officials, nursing home residents, and frontline judiciary staff.

Aside from the 1A tier, the state also has the 1B priority status to those in assisted living and other congregate settings, adults who are 75 years old and above, as well as education and government sectors. Those in tier 1C include adults ages 65 to 74, essential workers in lab services, agriculture, manufacturing, postal services, and others.

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Priority 2 includes individuals ages 16 to 64 with increased risks of severe COVID-19 illness because of comorbidities, essential workers in critical utilities, transportation, and food services. Lastly, Priority 3 covers the general population from healthy individuals at ages 16 to 64.

Regarding the MMCC’s decision to include the marijuana sector, industry executives say that this move “makes sense.” SunMed Growers compliance manager Justin Garcia said that the company’s employees have started signing up for the vaccine with some set to receive their first doses soon.

Garcia added, “As a company, we feel excited and blessed to be part of the phase 1A rollout… We hope it will help people feel even safer coming to work everyday. I am ready to get the shot in the arm. Sign me up.”

A similar positive response has been observed at Mana Supply Co. Owner Christopher Jensen said that the directive further validates the marijuana industry as an essential healthcare service provider. Mana, which has two dispensaries with more than 13,000 patients, welcomes this move. Jensen said, “Our people are on the front lines, having interactions with people coming to get their medicines every day. I’m really relieved for my staff and our patients.”

Peninsula Wellness CEO Anthony Darby and Storehouse CEO Jeff Jacobson agree that this move can be a significant step toward returning to a sense of normalcy.

In light of the upcoming vaccinations in DC, advocacy group DC Marijuana Justice (DCMJ) is planning to give away free cannabis products at vaccination centers throughout the district. According to DCMJ co-founder Adam Eidlinger, “If you believe in the science that supports medical cannabis, you should believe the science that supports the efficacy of the vaccine.” He added that the plan seeks to encourage more people to get their vaccination.

This will not be the first time that DCMJ has given away free marijuana at an event. In 2017, the organization handed out marijuana in front of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development at the “Haunted by HUD” protest.

DCMJ gave away more than 10,000 pre-rolled joints at the event. However, Eidlinger noted that those products were hand-rolled and licked, which would be an issue in light of the pandemic. For vaccination centers, the group will be handing out individual bags while wearing masks and gloves, and practicing social distancing. They will also be giving out seeds of a strain called “Grasso’s Green,” which was named after DC Councilman David Grosso.

The Need for Priority in Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Sector

As mentioned above, executives in the marijuana industry are taking the MMCC’s decision positively as it can protect their staff and patients. The importance of 1A priority given to the sector is amplified by the fact that a surge in the number of medical cannabis patients and registrations in the state.

Kent County News reported that more patients have been relying on medical marijuana during the pandemic, increasing industry sales. Since its legalization for medicinal purposes in 2014, dispensaries have successfully sold their products. However, the pandemic showed a tremendous increase in retail sales and patient registrations across the state in addition to the 124,118 individuals already enrolled as medical marijuana patients.

Sunburst Pharm general manager Michael Dunaway noted that “A lot of people use cannabis to help fight depression and anxiety, and heaven knows 2020 and 2021 are filled with moments that create those feelings.” He further noted that cannabis “helps them through those times.”

With this increase in patients who are bound to become customers, the medical cannabis community does need protection from the virus, especially with the recent surge in cases. The revitalized demand in cannabis and participation in the cannabis community by more people highlighted the need for vaccines for staff and patients for future developments.

The vaccines can play a role in the return to normalcy for the sector and can provide protection not only when purchasing marijuana as an essential healthcare service, but also in the possible launching of weed events in the future.

Sunburst Pharm saw a “really steady increase in new patients” and noted that before the pandemic, only a few new customers visit their stores. While this development is generally seen as a positive one, it poses a challenge to different aspects of the industry including the regulatory body and the supply chain. According to Kent County News, the increase in demand has overwhelmed players in the supply chain, from cultivators, producers, testers, and retailers.

Moreover, the MMCC has also seen an increase in backlogs and delays, especially with the evaluation and approval of registrations. The distribution of cards has been affected, as well. In fact, new applicants immediately receive a message from the MMCC to inform them that the agency is receiving a “high volume” of application. Moreover, the message says, “The Commission is experiencing an influx of applications, emails, and calls, therefore your application will take longer to process.” Moreover, “The Commission will not be responding to emails with status inquiries.”

Dunaway told Kent County News that many patients are having a hard time with the MMCC’s application process. He added that getting cards take around six weeks and more today, while it was just around three to four weeks before.

The manager attributes this delay to the pandemic but noted that the Commission’s process has always been complex and bureaucratic. According to Dunaway, “COVID just compounded an already existing problem and made it more difficult to proves applications efficiently.”

Grasso’s Green Strain Of Marijuana Seed

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