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green candy seeds

Users truly get a well-rounded marijuana experience with Green Candy in their bowls, blunts, and rolling papers. Phase One of the Green Candy experience starts in the head, with buzzy, creative thoughts taking over. You may feel more energized, motivated, and uplifted during the day. Be sure to get all your work done now before Phase Two kicks in. Once that happens, and the indica side of Green Candy takes over, you’ll likely be too lazy or relaxed to get anything done.

Users who want a truly well-rounded marijuana experience should look no further than Green Candy marijuana seeds. This balanced hybrid provides equal effects to the brain and body. You’ll start with energy and end with couchlock and sedation.

Have you ever tried a green or red candy apple before? They usually have them at state fairs and such. Users with a fruity sweet tooth should jump at the chance to buy Green Candy marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. This well-balanced strain is considered a hybrid wit equal cerebral and bodily effects. The effects of Green Candy occur in two stages, the first being mental and eventually settling into your muscles.

There’s a serious dose of couchlock that frequently comes over users who pick Green Candy marijuana seeds. The aroma that comes from these plants smells identical to the county fair’s candy apples. It’s incredibly sweet, fruity, and addicting. You’ll want to reach for Green Candy flower again and again just to smell it.


Green Candy has powerful brain effects on your body. It is produced by crossbreeding Green Crack into Candy Kush. It is a mixture of Indica and Sativа in a 50/50 ratio. It has a nice look with fresh green colored leafy buds. Green Candy has a THC level of 18% +. Within minutes of you smoking it, you start to feel relaxed and happy. Its brain effects are long lasting and calming. Although it calms you down, at the same time you can feel very energetic. The strain has an earthy and mint aroma with a hint of spice. It is best suited to treat stress and anxiety as it releases nerves and tension in you. You can also use it to reduce insomnia. Green Candy can also be used to treat chronic pain and depression. When you smoke, you will feel a dry mouth and the rest of the mucous membranes. Some people experience dry eyes, dizziness, headache, and paranoia, but these side effects are quite mild and rare. The Green Candy strain is best grown at a temperature of 21°C to 27°C at about 50 percent humidity.