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Green Crack Seeds
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Green Crack Info

PLANT TYPE40% Indica 60% Sativa
THCUp to 22%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS18 to 20 oz per 3x3ft

Green Crack Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Although the name can be deceiving, Green Crack is 100% marijuana. This hybrid was initially called Cush or Green Kush. But, due to its light-bodied, uplifting high, famous California rapper Snoop Dogg dubbed it Green Crack. It’s a Sativa dominant strain with a tangy mango flavor and an energetic high.

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  1. A strain that was re-worked at CH9 Female Seeds headquarters. A sister belonging to the CH9 Aroma. A classic with a nice gene pool and a nice calyxes formation.

  2. Dutch Passion’s Green Spirit Feminized is the hybrid of Big Bud and also Skunk #1. The quarter of indica has contributed to the Green Spirit growing and compressed bud formation, even though mature plants gain generally a sativa height plus a sweet sativa smell. Expect being successful under synthetic lights. A reliable pick for anyone searching for a clearer headed, energetic kind of high. Even though this strain normally contains only 6.9% of THC, as compared with some cannabis strains with practically 22%, these cannabis seeds are notable for generating a very good yielding plant that features explosive flowering which can be extremely resinous.

  3. Feminized Greenhouse Seeds Green Thai is a true connoisseur Sativa with very special genetics because it is one of the few original Thais ever selected that does not produce hermaphrodites. The Green House Seed’s Green Thai has been in Arjan’s collection forever and only recently have Greenhouse Seeds agreed to introduce it into their 2010 seed catalogue.

  4. Green House Seeds presents Green O Matic. It ensures a low profile on account of the tiny size and speedy flowering time, letting growers to function in small spaces indoor or in otherwise difficult conditions outdoors. As a result of a elongated and peculiar selection procedure of the current autoflowering strains, mixed with selected Asian and Moroccan autoflowering, Green House Seed Company is currently pleased to present the brand-new standard in automatic flowering, 100% feminized: the GREEN-O-MATIC.

  5. Please don’t under-estimate the silent yet deadly power of this plant. It is probable you won’t be familiar with Green Ninja creeping up upon you, however when she decides to hit you will end up busted off your toes, without any possibility to defend yourself! Green Ninja grows small and stocky, with huge compact colas coating her branches. As though to underline her stealthy skills, Green Ninja generates suprisingly little smell during growth – making her an outstanding selection for the urban gardener. Once harvested however, her taste is unbelievably rich, a headspinning blend of exotic spices and sweet fruits. Mainly indica, the flowering period is 9 weeks, and also the high calyx to leaves ratio make Green Ninja a sinch to manicure. Having a THC content of 22% Green Ninja is a strain never to be seen lightly – turn your back and she’ll pin you down!

  6. Green Python is really an extraordinary, full-bodied and rapid flowering indica dominant hybrid. Produced for its balanced effects on body and mind, extraordinarily pleasant fragrances, and incredible simplicity of growth, this python saves its strike for your sampler. A potent thought invoking up high, merged with calming and soothing body effects, turn this into a hybrid with numerous values. Take a minute to determine on throughout the phenotypes to search for your perfect mixture of Green Python’s unique and vibrant characteristics. A fantastically fun and uncomplicated hybrid to cultivate, the HOF growing crew endorses this compact plant to space mindful enthusiasts, first time growers, as well as premier clone hunting veterans.

  7. Our first release of a BLZ Bud hybrid, California is slowly being taken over by the BLZ Bud and there are already some privately grown hybrids going around the dispenseries gaining popularity amongst the local farmers. BLZ Bud on its own is already quite a complex hybrid with an unique Cannabinoid profile, the addition of the C99 creates an even sweeter taste, especially after curing. As one of the most popular strains a few years ago, the C99 has kept us looking for her in Amsterdam, unfortunately the C99 never really made it to Holland with just a handful of growers managing to obtain seeds or clones. A HEX is a magic spell, usually with malevolent purpose, and this herb should not be taken lightly or you might be forever seduced by her mystical effects. And with six different strains in her genetic profile this Hexagon of a strain has got an incredibly diverse Cannabinoid profile, with a lot of THC variants building up an euphoric yet sedated state of consiousness. The high percentage of CBD will start relaxing your muscular tensions until you become unaware of most medium physical discomforts. Although the initial strong buzz can fade away within 10 minutes after the onset, the euphoric and slight heightened senses stay on until the second wave of effects kick in with a slightly milder sedative effect that will last for a few hours until fading away altogether. HEX is not a cure for physical discomforts, there are too many psycho-stimulating effects going on to sit still, the HEX taps into your higher functions and allows you to create a wonderful artistic experience.

  8. This is a potent charas strain from the mountains of Western Nepal, now used to produce hashish through both the hand-rubbing and sieving methods. Cultivated at altitudes between about 1000m-3000m, there are two main phenotypes to be found in this strain: one between about 1.5m – 2m, and another closer to 3m. The compact phenotype has short internodes and tight bud formation. This Nepalese variety has great breeding potential for both tropical and northern growers, with excellent resistance to mold and cold, as well as highly refined resins and superb potency.

  9. A PG13 plant X CH9 Flower & also CH9 Citral (Female pollen mixed). Multiple Female Hybrids along with a fresh uplifting high effect. Indoor garden can start in 12/12. The strain is ideally suited for the outdoors. She really leans in the direction of PG13. The plant produces the same medium size buds.

  10. Early outdoor variety, strong and sweet with a minty aftertaste. Early Riser is Sagarmatha’s first variety especially developed for outdoor growing. Several generations of select breeding – choosing individuals with the shortest flowering period combined with the highest density of cannabinoidal resin – have produced a wonderful example of botanical wizardry. The high is uplifting and motivational, releasing the sun’s natural energy with every bowl, so let the sunshine in and don’t get burnt!

  11. Bitch is Sativa-ish in her nature with a strong unique aroma. Her flavour is a pleasant precursor to her interesting high. This medium tall plant will produce 70-85 grams / 2.5-3 ounces in a two gallon pot. Does very well outdoors.

  12. Shiva received its main characteristics from the Indica strain. It has been used in many interesting hybrids, such Shiva Afghani. Creates a wonderful and unique taste, as well as a heavy stone. It is a short, bushy Christmas Tree-esque plant with fat buds. Does exceptionally well using hydro. This Shiva strain is a favourite for those who treasure the better things in life.