Green House Seeds Review

Green House Seeds Review

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The Green House Seed Co. is the winner of many international awards and is a leader in cannabis genetics. Green House is committed to producing the best genetics in the world, making sure that growers choose genetics based on their location, logistics, and needs. Green House invests large amounts of time and resources into developing new and innovative strains for the benefit of the community.

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  1. The Very First White Smurf, now redubbed White Panther, from Ceres Seeds was designed using the invaluable assistance of Amsterdam’s one-and-only Smurf. This strain was dual most popular among the connoisseurs in the 2000 Cannabis Cup, earning 3rd place in the main event and duplicating the feat at the Peoples’ Cup.

  2. The Seed bank of 7 Dwarfs Marijuana have succeeded to generate a collection of bud strains that are both female and autoflowering plants. Hercules is a brand-new strain out of the Seedbank of 7 Dwarfs and is produced by consistently crossing the finest genetics from Santa Maria. 7 Dwarfs Seeds are the most current edition to the ‘auto-seed’ community, and as a conclusion the greatest contemporary collectible for all serious marijuana enthusiasts.

  3. Reeferman Seeds presents Original Haze which is the very first haze belonging to the Haze Brothers, from where just about all haze hybrids derive. It possesses a powerful cat piss odor and is an excellent long flowering sativa. It’s a really unique strain, perfect for breeding. This strain has got the largest stretch out of virtually all the other strains – it could grow massive when permitted to do this.