Green Point Seeds Review

Green Point Seeds Review

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We pride ourselves on offering quality cannabis seeds at unbeatable prices. We offer cannabis genetics. All Greenpoint Seeds purchases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every order comes with guaranteed delivery, guaranteed germination rates, as well as a guarantee you will be satisfied with the phenotypes you find. If you are looking for rare American bred seeds to add to your collection, Greenpoint Seeds offers a diverse selection of exclusive releases.

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  1. If you like your buds difficult, heavy, sweet smelling, sweet smoking and effective then you will adore Paradise seeds premier Indica cannabis strain named Rox. Rox cannabis seeds expand into a small but solid plant which yields 400 + grams of yummy potent bud by having a THC content of 16 % to 20 %. The flavor and aroma is fruity and tangy and ensured to satisfy true cannabis connoisseurs. When smoked the outcomes could be strong however relaxing and elevates you to a positive frame of mind. Some illustrate it as virtually narcotic-like within its effects. Rox marijuana possesses a reputation of being a fantastic party / socializing weed. Rox belongs the finest cannabis strain to grow outdoors in cool sodden climates like Ireland, Holland and the UK. It provides exceptional resistance to mold attack which is a vital thought if your cultivating in climates that frequently experience from cool and wet autumns. (( A mould blight can exterminate a whole crop in merely a couple of days.) A realistic short flowering cycle implies that this mostly Indica beauty are harvested in September. Rox cannabis seeds can additionally be grown indoors with great success.

  2. BC Sweet God belonging to the BC Bud Depot these new marijuana seeds are caused by the genetic cross breeding among, the award winning BC God Bud along with the equally notorious BC Sweet Tooth. These seeds can be obtained in packs of 12 and they’re regular seeds. The mixture from these two prestigious strains have formulated an exquisite Sativa/ Indica mix, although BC Sweet God stays Indica dominant. Consequently you’ll be able to understand how come BC Sweet God was certified being a High Times Top Ten cannabis strain of the season and fashioned itself a winner within the Toronto Cannabis Cup.

  3. Nigerian Nightmare delivers high-quality, early on outdoor plants having superb THC production, great large buds which has a powerful dry skunky fragrances with undertones from mango, orange and carrot. It is an actual audience pleasing strain having a joyful euphoric high. It possesses an effective potential to deal with mould. The plants tend to be really compact and incredibly photoperiod sensitive. If vegged below 18 or 24 hours from clone or seed they could be placed outside and can begin flowering speedily. Nigerian Nightmare offers numerous crop potential if grown outdoors additionally it is an excellent tinier plant for your balcony, or smaller sized garden.