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green weed seeds

Green weed seeds

they may well be,do the whole cup of water in the dark cupboard for 48 hours

hey guys.. i have been digging on the forum trying to find out if you can germinate green seeds..

either way, are the seeds good for use? they are green in color, not brown

either way, are the seeds good for use? they are green in color, not brown

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a friend of mine gave me some of his auto flowering ak47 x blueberry. i think the female must have either a) went too long and made seed, or was pollinated by one of his males.

Oh man, lol this was real hard to follow but. I agree (maybe?)

just for the record.

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they did germ. so like my man says, if you don’t think it’ll work try the bitch.

all of my lowlife auto ak seeds looks gash,cracked pale and everything,but all grew and are fine.

Green weed seeds

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Green weed seeds

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