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grow lights for weed

The typical homegrower will only need one or two lights. Most states limit grow amounts to 6 or 12 plants, and one or two lights should be plenty for that. If you plan on running two separate rooms, one for vegetative plants and one for flowering plants, you’ll need two lights.

Consider how often you’ll be growing weed and how long it will take to pay off the initial investment—if you grow once a year, it’ll take a lot longer to pay off an expensive light than if you grow multiple harvests a year.


As with HIDs, you can find CFLs at any local grow shop.

How many grow lights do I need to grow weed?

One of the crucial elements a cannabis plant needs is light. During photosynthesis, a plant converts light energy into chemical energy, allowing it to grow strong and healthy, and with cannabis in particular, light also fuels bud production.

Grow lights for weed

Bottom line: Investing in high-quality LED lights for your indoor garden may pay off in the long run.

Clone phase

To help you choose the best grow lights for your indoor cannabis garden, Weedmaps tapped into the specialized knowledge of a team of experts from the Resource Innovation Institute (RII), a non-profit devoted to efficient cannabis agriculture in Portland, Oregon.

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As the cannabis plant matures, its need for light will change. “As the plant gets bigger and matures into the flowering stage of its life, it requires much more light over a wider area to grow optimally. This is where high-power, purpose-built grow lights are needed to get the job done properly,” explained Zartarian. In terms of what to look for, Schimelpfenig pointed out that growers can ‚Äútrust third-party certifying organizations to test and validate the claims made by manufacturers.”

LED grow lights are the recommended type for indoor marijuana cultivators. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

What is the average cost of indoor grow lights?

Vegetative phase

Technically, yes, any LED light can be used as a grow light. However, there are some that work better depending on the stage of growth that the cannabis plant has entered. Zartarian noted that any standard 150 watt LED white light bulb could adequately nurture a small cannabis plant in the early stages of life.

Grow lights for weed

2.) High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights

T5 Grow Lights

Full tutorial on CMH / LEC grow lights
(LEC stands for “Light Emitting Ceramic” and is a type of Metal Halide bulb that is built with ceramic like an HPS – basically it’s sort of like a blend between MH and HPS bulbs)

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

Note: Some growers may have heard of “Induction” grow lights, which are pretty rare these days but still pop up from time to time. There are two types: “Magnetic Induction” grow lights do okay for growing cannabis but they’re pretty much glorified fluorescent lights. “Plasma Induction” grow lights actually perform pretty poorly at growing cannabis.