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grow weed inside without smell

Grow weed inside without smell

Excess odor can be an indicator of a poor growing environment for plants. From the ventilation to air-circulation and temperature, there are a lot of factors that play a key role in cannabis growth and farming.

A Pot for Pot cannabis grow lights are a great addition to your indoor cannabis grow room.

Sign Of Poor Health

It is important to remember that as pleasant as growing cannabis is, not everyone shares the same opinion.

Security and Safety

When it comes to controlling the odor, there is only so much that can be done when it comes to making the environment around it better.

Grow weed inside without smell

Exhaust fans and air pumps of especially low quality can raise even more suspicion by vibrating. This can make your grow noticeable through multiple walls!

Luckily, this can be easily corrected with several products like carbon filters for in the grow room, or odor neutralizers for living spaces. Some growers use diffusers or candles to help cover up smells on an emergency basis. Additionally, you can try growing cannabis strains that are known for having a more neutral smell (like the ones listed below). The goal is to make sure that the smell stays within your grow space, and doesn’t find its way into your living areas.


Technology and the way we communicate changes so rapidly these days, that many of us aren’t aware that we now do things that give away a lot of information about what we do. You don’t need to be a computer wizard, but these terms will definitely help you maintain your privacy in the digital age:

Low Odor Marijuana Strains – Strains known for producing low/non-marijuana-like odor:

Growing Indoors vs. Outdoors

No matter how good you are at growing cannabis, if you get caught and end up in jail, you’ll be in a place where your skills are useless and wasted. Even if growing cannabis is legal where you live, there are still thieves and nosy neighbors you don’t want to learn about your garden.

Grow weed inside without smell

7. Misting System

Cannabis growers are faced with many unique challenges, one of the most difficult to overcome is odor control. Similar to other strongly aromatic plants, cannabis develops terpenes to attract pollinators and prevent predators through odor. While many enjoy the smell, cannabis odors can create problems for growers, surrounding communities and have been found to be contributing to pollution. The new reality is that cannabis cultivation facilities must incorporate and maintain odor control measures to protect the crops, and avoid complaints, shut-downs, or even lawsuits.

6. Fogging System

Fogging systems generate fog droplets that capture and remove odor causing molecules from the airstream.

The most common filter media for VOCs is activated carbon. According to, “these are hands-down the best option for controlling marijuana grow room odors.” Activated carbon filtration systems are designed to collect and remove odor molecules through adsorption. By forcing air and odors through 16 carbon canisters, the CleanLeaf Odor Series ensures maximum adsorption.

Odor neutralizers eliminate cannabis odors at the molecular level by altering the chemical state of odors.

Commercial grow facilities depend on high-quality air filtration to help produce their best possible yields. HVAC systems are commonly used for air filtration but the truth is they’re not powerful enough to filter cannabis odor molecules or contaminated air. HVAC systems are built for heating and cooling the air and aren’t equipped with the proper filter media, technology, or power to control grow room odors.

1. Carbon Air Filtration

An odor masking agent is an extremely short-term solution, similar to a cologne or perfume – it’s used to mask cannabis odors without changing the chemical structure or eliminating the VOCs.