Growers in Colorado Net Victory, Keep Grow Houses

Growers in Colorado Net Victory, Keep Grow Houses

Score one for growers in the rocky mountain state. Public administrators In Glenwood Springs, Colorado decided on Monday that three MMJ grow operations may continue to operate because they did in fact exist prior to legislation limiting grow operations existed in June, 2010.

The legality of these facilities was questioned by state regulators that requested the county make sure the facilities existed before the county enacted its moratorium (which prohibited grow ops within Garfield County) on June 24, 2010. After a hearing took place on Monday, county commissioners concluded that the grow centers supplying CMD Care House, The Green House, and Western Slope Caregivers, all met county regulations.

This is a small battle victory in the ongoing war to legally grow in Colorado (and all over the country). The state of Colorado still plans to change its regulation of cannabis grow centers in the coming year, creating more clear cut zones where it is and is not legal to grow.

Still, victories like this one are certainly encouraging to the ongoing cause to legalize the MMJ movement in America. As seen recently in San Diego, it seems like states where growing cannabis seeds is legal are willing to compromise. They realize that the MMJ industry is an uncaged beast and their best bet is to try and contain it through zoning regulations. Which is both reasonable and overall, beneficial to the industry.

The only problem? When the beast outnumbers the poachers, the beast keeps on truckin’.