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growing cannabis faq

See: 28-B M.R.S. §1502(1)(C) and (2)(C)

See: 22 M.R.S. §2423-D.


Where can I lawfully consume marijuana?

Please review all materials for completeness prior to submission to ensure their timely consideration and processing.

Caregivers/Dispensaries/Medical Providers

Using marijuana in any form (smoking, eating or vaping) isn’t allowed in public places, including amusement parks, ski resorts, sporting and music venues, state and national parks, campsites, playgrounds, sidewalks and roads, marijuana retail businesses, bars, restaurants and outdoor or rooftop cafes.

Growing cannabis faq

The tax will be applied on the established retail price for the product. Discounts for a group or individual do not change the established retail price.

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Compensation reported on a 1099 NEC should only be given to those individuals or entities that are established and engaged in a business of their own. UI law defines an independent contractor as “an individual working under an independent contractor exemption certificate provided for in 39-71-417, MCA”. If you have paid or contemplate paying someone as an independent contractor, the individual should have an independent contractor exemption certificate. You should ask for a copy of that and retain it for your records.

Can I offer a reduced price for bulk purchases of cannabis products?

No. The marijuana licenses may not be transferred.

Certain medical marijuana licensees will be allowed to also sell adult-use marijuana starting on January 1, 2022.

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“Sale” or “sell” means any transfer of marijuana products for consideration, exchange, barter, gift, offer for sale, or distribution in any manner or by any means. This includes marijuana and marijuana infused products.

Tax is due on the retail price of the products at the end of the quarter in which the product is received by the consumer.

​While any subcontractor may be registered with the MMCC, the subcontractor is not required to register with the MMCC. However, should the subcontractor not be registered with the MMCC, then, they are considered a visitor to a non-public area, and the Grower, Processor, or Dispensary will be required to 1) log the visitor in and out of the premises; 2) retain a photocopy of the visitor’s government-issued identification; 3) continually visually supervise the visitor while on the premises; 4) ensure that the visitor does not touch any plant or medical cannabis; and 5) maintain a log of all visitors to non-public areas for two years.

​A transportation agent is not required to hold a Maryland driver’s license.​

A business may be registered to conduct business in the State of Maryland.  They may be either an out-of-state company which is establishing its Maryland existence, and its principal place of business may or may not be Maryland.  Alternatively, the business entity could be a “grass roots” company, meaning a business that was founded in Maryland and maintains its principal place of business in Maryland.  In either eventuality, a business entity may demonstrate its ability to conduct business in the State of Maryland by providing the following: 1) Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization; 2) Certificate of Status (also referred to as a Certificate of Good Standing); and 3) Identification of the Resident Agent.  ​

​No; the licensee must provide required agent ID cards to anyone transporting cannabis.​

Will it be necessary to conduct background checks for employees who do not handle cannabis, such as janitorial staff?

​Evidence that the licensed premises comply with all zoning planning requirements is required in S tage Two of the application process.​

​The Maryland regulations do not specify a minimum or maximum number of plants that a licensed grower must or may cultivate.​

​Yes; however, the agent would need to register multiple registrations at a charge of $200 per registration.​

Does a “secure transportation company” require a separate license from the State of Maryland?

​A resident is one who lives in Maryland.  A person may demonstrate Maryland residency by providing one or more of the following: 1) Most recent Maryland tax return; 2) Most recent Maryland property tax bill; 3) Local gas and electric bill that is no more than 4 months old; 5) Valid Maryland Driver’s license; or 6) Another record that corroborates the Maryland residency. 

​Yes; all growers in Maryland will be subject to inspection. ​