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growing cannabis in a cupboard

You can carefully top and train your plants so that when they flower, they will utilize the available space as well as possible, and provide you the optimum amount of high-quality buds.

However, if the closet is your only option – the end results could be well worth it.

This triggers the shade avoidance response and forces your plants to stretch.

Plant Height

You need to control the airflow in and out of your closet, and filter out the smells that will come out with the air. For some, this may be the trickiest part of setting up their closet cannabis grow.

So, first of all, what do we mean when we say “closet grow”?

Choice of Light

But it’s clear that fine-tuning the ratios of all three (along with UV light) can have some very significant effects on plant growth.

Interestingly, if you touch and move your plants a lot, the movement itself may actually reduce stretch. Even more reason to regularly – and enthusiastically – handle your plants!

Growing cannabis in a cupboard

Whether you use it for medicinal purposes or recreationally, you might be thinking about giving cultivating marijuana on your own a shot.

3 Great Reasons to Grow Your Own Cannabis

Some of our recommendations for both options include the following:


There’s lots of reasons why you might want to grow your marijuana privately; you live with your parents and don’t want them to know, you have roommates who aren’t keen on smelling weed, you have kids and you feel having your ganja crops out in the open isn’t appropriate, or you’re concerned about Big Brother’s prying eyes spotting your yields, for example.