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growing cannabis in air pots

Growing cannabis in air pots

Air Pot containers assist in preventing plants from getting root-bound and always having to be transplanted. That is achieved by “air-pruning” roots on the sides, which usually prevents your roots from wrapping about the edges of your container and “choking” the plant.

In these pots, cannabis plants will not become “root-bound”, which is when roots cover the ends of the container and “choke” the plant. It is a very big problem for any plant to become root bound, but in these, that doesn’t happen since the plant will receive plenty of air, which will lead to the plant naturally “air pruning” itself, and forgoing the roots wrapping around the container edges.

An Air Pot is a plastic container with holes around the sides. One of its best features is its rigid design, which makes it easier and less dangerous to move around than a Smart Pot. The size is taller and slimmer when compared to a regular growing container and that may make it possible to place more plants in a smaller space. The thin base of an Air Pot means plants have a tendency to be much less stable on the floor, particularly if they’re placed up high, and huge plants could simply tip over.

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You should get double the size as you would normally order. Because of the fast drying time it’s advised your final size should be at least a 5-gallon container to ensure you do not need to water your plants all the time.

One big downside of Smart Pots is that are incredibly floppy and have no handles, which makes transportation difficult. It is easy to spill soil or accidentally damage the root structure during moves, which can stress the plant. This lack of rigidity can also cause problems with folding over during watering or filling pots.

Smart Pots for Growing Cannabis

No one size fits all when growing cannabis. All containers have their weaknesses and strengths. So it’s important to understand the key differences when comparing them. One thing that is the same between these options is that cannabis plants grow quicker in these three types of pots (specifically in the vegetative period), because plant roots obtain plenty of oxygen.

The large bottom of a Smart Pot makes them suitable for growing huge plants, which explains why Smart Pot containers can be found in large sizes compared to regular plant containers. Giant indoor plants won’t topple over in a good Smart Pot. A large number of outdoor cannabis growers plant their cannabis in large (600+ gallon) Smart Pots since they support outdoor growing better than simply planting them into the ground.

Growing cannabis in air pots

Air-Pot ® around the world

Visit the environment page to find out more about how growing with Air-Pot containers is helping to address the planet’s most pressing problems.

Visit the environment page to find out more about how growing with Air-Pot containers is helping to address the planet’s most pressing problems.

Leading landscape designers specify Air-Pot grown trees for the most prestigious projects.

The Best Trees for Tomorrow’s Landscapes

The benefits have long been realised by the world’s leading conservationists and horticultural institutions who use Air-Pot containers for propagation of endangered species.

Trials in Holland and Germany have shown spectacularly improved growth both in the nursery and after planting in the landscape. Liquidambar trees, taken from the Air-Pot U and grown in 45 litre Air-Pot containers, grew to over 4 metres high with a girth of 10 cm only 20 months after grafting. 60% faster growth than in the open field.

Trees play a vital role in the reversal of global warming. The faster growth and guaranteed establishment of Air-Pot grown trees lead to faster absorption of CO2.

The Best Trees for Tomorrow’s Landscapes

The Air-Pot U system is a continuous, suspended container for the production of high value, budded and grafted plants, which allows easy working in the field and a high degree of mechanisation.

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