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growing cannabis in fabric pots

Growing cannabis in fabric pots

Complete Cannabis Container Breakdown

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A Regular Plant Pot is Tried and True

Growing cannabis in fabric pots

There are many advantages of using bags as containers, including the fact that they are generally cheaper than pots—to the extent that they can be disposable with little monetary loss—though, they then have to be replaced, rather than being reused or recycled like pots can be.

First, let’s explain to our readers a little bit about bag culture. Bag culture can be defined simply as growing a plant out of a bag, the same way one would utilize a plant container or a pot. But bag culture can also be defined as a method for extending or expanding the volume of media available to a plant’s root structure. In the latter scenario, an already-potted plant would be placed inside or on top of a bag filled with new grow media. The original pot would have holes in the bottom or several slits made in it so that the roots can grow down and out of the container into the extended medium of the bag. Because of these aspects, container bags are a preferred method for many greenhouse and indoor growers looking to expand root zone volume.

Huge fabric containers like this can grow large outdoor trees above ground.

The Question: Do You Recommend Traditonal Pots Or Grow Bags?

However, whereas bag culture can be an add-on in this way, this is not the only use for grow bags. Grow bags can be your initial, stand-alone container for individual plants or for multiple plant sites within a garden or hydroponic system.

Thanks to you and High Times for years of great grow advice! Quick question on plant containers—do you recommend using traditional pots or grow bags to hold plants and medium? I know there are advantages to each type, but I am leaning towards bag culture. Any thoughts are appreciated and keep up the good work!

The Answer: The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Grow Bags

Trying to figure out what type of container to use for your plants and medium? Well, you’re in luck! High Times Cultivation Editor Nico Escondido answers all of your grow questions in his weekly Nico’s Nuggets column, and today’s piece is all about traditional pots vs. grow bags.

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Not all fabric pots are created equal. A good fabric pot will be safe for your plants and strong enough to reuse and help bring your cost per crop down.

It boils down to this: Fabric planters can give you greater yields off your plants. Why is that?

Grassroots Fabric Pots are:

Choose Good Fabric Pots

Many commercial cannabis operations have trusted their grows to Grassroots Fabric Pots. Here are some of them: