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growing cannabis in oregon

Growing cannabis in oregon

Under federal law, it is illegal to possess or consume cannabis and this restriction specifically applies to all federal property. This is an important restriction because the federal government owns more than 50% of the land in Oregon. Examples of federal property in Oregon include federal buildings, national parks, national forests, wildlife areas, and BLM lands.

Purchase limits for recreational user:

Personal Growing Limits

Measure 91 (M91) allows any individual over the age of 21 to grow, purchase, and possess cannabis in limited quantities. There is no residency requirement to purchase, possess, or use marijuana, nor are non-residents prohibited from owning and operating OLCC licensed cannabis businesses. Public consumption remains illegal, though the Oregon State legislature will be considering public consumption during the 2019 legislative session.

The Oregon Medicinal Marijuana Program (OMMP) is administered by the OHA. The OHA licenses and regulates medical cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries. Cannabis grown or processed under the OMMP program can only be sold to OMMP patients. There are certain exceptions that allow growers and processors to sell products to a recreational licensed facility.

Age Limits

In 2014, Oregon became the third state to legalize the personal use of cannabis, under ballot measure 91. While it would take another few months for Oregon’s recreational marijuana program to fully take effect, under emergency legislation, medical dispensaries were permitted to sell medical cannabis to recreational customer beginning October 1, 2015.

While under Oregon law it is legal to grow your own marijuana plants at home, there is a limit to how many you may have without a special license. Up to four plants can be cultivated in a household. The cultivation of plants above this number without a license is illegal and will put you at risk for prosecution. If you have been arrested and are facing legal consequences for growing more than four marijuana plants: it’s time to hire a qualified Eugene criminal defense lawyer from Veralrud and Fowler.

Growing Cannabis and Producing Marijuana at Home in Lane County

It is illegal to grow marijuana plants within one-thousand feet (1,000 ft) of a school. Even though Oregon has made it legal to grow up to four marijuana plants in a home, if that home is within one-thousand feet (1,000 ft) of a school, you could face criminal charges. This law was put in place to protect children from coming into contact with marijuana.

Knowledgeable Eugene Attorneys

When growing marijuana plants at home they must not be visible to the public. Should you choose to grow them in your yard they must be behind a fence or similar barrier. Growing cannabis plants on your front porch or balcony may seem like a convenient idea, but they must be behind a barrier, they simply cannot be grown out in the open. Failure to abide by this restriction will put you at risk for legal ramifications that will require a Eugene criminal defense lawyer.