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growing cannabis in the winter

Growing cannabis in the winter

Plants are droopy and sad when their roots get chilly. Keep the plant container off the ground when growing in a cellar or other space that has a cold floor.

Recommended auto-flowering strains for the cold

​​​​Auto-flowering strains let you keep your grow lights on for 24 hours/day, which helps keep plants warm in cool grow areas

Growing cannabis in the winter

indoors winter is the ideal season since you avoid the extremely hot summer period, october to march is the best period. growing indoors april to september can prove much hotter than outdoors, without the aid of an a/c. you can always control the temperature at winter, utilising the house’s own heating vs an open window to the fresh air. this cannot happen without a/c in summer, which by the way can give your plants literally a cold.

As a grower, you want to avoid temperatures outside of the prescribed range but you also want to avoid huge discrepancies between day and night temperatures. Growth rate is severely affected by inconsistent temperature changes as much as by an incorrect temperature bracket.

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With that being said, a temperature drop when the lights are turned off is something to think about. To mitigate this, winter growers use their lights during the night time and use daytime as the lights off period. This lets a grower take advantage of warmer temperatures during the day.

How to maintain grow room temperature in winter

If you think that growing cannabis in a European winter is impossible, then you’ve been misinformed. With the right conditions in an indoor growing operation, you can successfully yield good quality cannabis. We are here to teach you how to set up and optimize your grow room in the winter time.