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growing cannabis seeds in a propagator

Growing cannabis seeds in a propagator

No matter if you have a large cannabis growing operation or are an amateur just beginning your first seedlings, making use of propagators is a great way to control growing conditions and speed up your seed germination. A propagator allows you to take full control of your growing conditions, allowing you to germinate and grow your seeds and seedlings in a safe, moist and warm environment to give them an optimum chance of becoming healthy and high yielding plants.

Any propagators can be used to grow cannabis, as they come standardised with a thermometer and built in LED Lights. They can either be powered by batteries or electricity, and allow you to control the environment within the container. Seedlings can sprout up to 30% faster when you use a propagator and the environment is much safer as you can fully control the heat and moisture content, and you cannabis seeds will also be less susceptible to damage by insects or disease. Seedlings can be kept in the propagators until they sprout their first set of leaves. This ensures that they will get a good start and grow into healthy, high yielding plants.

Using a cannabis propagator

Growing cannabis seeds in a propagator

If the seedlings are intended for outdoor growing, the covered propagator should be placed next to a window to give the seedlings light. By the time outdoor seedlings are big enough to have the propagator’s cover removed, the process of acclimatizing them to outdoor conditions can begin (weather allowing).

After seeds are sown in the growing medium, they can be placed in a propagator for the first couple of weeks.


Propagators are simple to obtain and provide an ideal start for young cannabis plants. A propagator is a plastic tray with a transparent top which holds in humidity and warm air while allowing seedlings to receive light. This an easy way to maintain a good environment for very young seedlings . However, since the cover prevents normal air movement (which is very important as it encourages young plants to grow strong stems), cannabis seedlings should not be kept in a covered propagator for too long.

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Growing cannabis seeds in a propagator

The remaining Zambeza Supermix can be used to sprinkle on the pots; however, it is important to make sure that you don’t completely wet them, simply moistening them is enough. Don’t ever place the seeds directly in the perlite because this isn’t a suitable environment for the germination of your seeds.

Normally, the germination period for the marijuana seeds is around 1 to 6 days. Once the seed leaves have completely emerged, start removing the seedling from the propagator. This helps prevent entanglement of the root at the bottom. Moreover, you may utilize the Micro Propagator as a shielding nursery for weak seedlings and starting clones. Also, ensure that the germinated seeds are not left in for a long period of time, after the seeds have sprouted. This will help prevent the entanglement of the roots.

– Bag of perlite
– In-built LED lighting including batteries
– Thermometer strip

Micro Propagator: Comes with everything for optimal germination

The nifty little Micro Propagator includes:

This propagator is perfect for small growing operations, where the conditions for germination should be well-regulated. The Micro Propagator is just as useful for first-time growers as well. There is no need to stress about damaging your valuable cannabis seeds – simply let the Micro Propagator offer you the best germination environment for the cannabis seeds.

This propagator is completely equipped with a bag of perlite, an in-built LED lighting set that includes batteries as well as a thermometer to coax the small seedlings out and help them grow. The propagator is totally compatible with the Zambeza Seed kit.

You just need to cover the the propagator’s bottom with the perlite, then start mixing the water with Zambeza Supermix, which comes with the Seedkit. Now pour around 25 ml of the fluid over the perlite, it`ll retain and give out moisture as the seeds sprout. Following the instructions mentioned on the Zambeza Seedkit, place your seeds in the pots. The holes present in the bottom of each pot will enable the roots to suck up the water that is bacterial-enriched.

The measurement of the Micro Propagator is around 13 x 10 x 13cm. This propagator keeps the germinating seeds, growing seedlings or emerging taproots, healthy and safe. The propagator is delivered to you in a non-descript flat container and includes a sheet of instructions.