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growing like a weed red deer

Growing like a weed red deer

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Growing like a weed red deer

Living with wildlife like white-tailed deer requires patience and taking action early to prevent damage.

Winter behavior

When combating deer damage, it is important to be proactive, use several strategies, and have realistic expectations.

Woven wire fences

But deer also can cause problems for gardeners and farmers. They can feed on gardens, landscaping and agricultural crops.

In Alberta, the responsibility for weed control lies with the landowner regardless of where the weeds originate. Administration of the Alberta Weed Control Act is a major program for Lacombe County’s Agriculture Department. Weeds can out-compete native plant species. They are fast-growing, with a high seed dispersal rate, and can thrive/grow in most environmental conditions. To protect natural ecosystems and agriculture, it’s important to eradicate or control these invasive species.

River Weed Control Program

Weed inspectors are employed during the summer to:

Here is a breakdown of weeds common to Lacombe County: