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growing marijuana in hawaii

Discovery of marijuana in a vehicle may result in each occupant being charged with possession unless the marijuana was found on an occupant’s person or was in a compartment accessible only by occupants of that seat.


* HI’s measure 1383 became law on July 9, 2019 absent the Governor’s signature. The new law took effect on January 11, 2020.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Marijuana is a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance under the Hawaii Uniform Controlled Substances Act. It is also listed as a detrimental drug.

HONOLULU — Twenty minutes from the turquoise waves of White Plains Beach, Teri Heede’s garden stretches out from her Kapolei home where three marijuana plants are firmly potted in the backyard and a steep drop gives way to a view of deep blue water and mountains touching clouds. One of Hawaii’s many medical marijuana patients, Heede’s plants didn’t always produce enough for her medicinal needs, so she bought pot illegally from a dealer behind the local McDonald’s.

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In Mililani, near the center of Oahu, Jari Sugano’s backyard is one of toys, the broken remains of bright red water balloons and a platform of wooden boards that keep two potted marijuana plants above the uneven and rocky ground. Sugano’s first cannabis plant came illegally from another Hawaiian caregiver. It was the only way she could grow medical marijuana for her now 6-year-old daughter.