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growing marijuana indoors videos

Growing marijuana indoors videos

I’m sure you’ve realized this video isn’t on Youtube. Youtube banned this video (which hurt the videos feelings), so we moved it to Vimeo where it’s safely playing without fear of deletion.

It might be your pH! This video explains how to check and adjust the pH of your water before watering your marijuana garden.

3.) Learn about how humidity affects cannabis growth

How to tell if your cannabis is mature by GrowerMD

5.) How to Control the pH of Your Water When Growing Marijuana

“Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour – 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!!” by the legendary Jorge Cervantes

Growing marijuana indoors videos

These videos were specifically chosen because they answer some of the most common questions we receive at, in video form!

Read my full review of the MFLB (along with a training video on how to get the most out of vaping with this little vaporizer):

Do you seem to keep getting nutrient problems and have no idea why?

When you buy weed from a dispensary, you are always buying female flowers—ideally unpollinated female flowers. That is how you get beautiful bud without seeds. So long as you’re after a crop of unpollinated female flowers, you’ve got to learn to tell the difference and you’ve got to chuck the males.

If you want to keep a male, give it a snip, strip it of its leaves, and put it in a glass jar inside. Grow it like you would a cutting or a flower and it will continue to grow.

When the pollen is released, it won’t get everywhere so long as it’s not near an open window. Once released, you can scoop up a little and selectively pollinate some flowers that you’ve got outside for seeds next year. Be careful not to pollinate your entire crop!

And it’s super important to go one cultivar at a time. I know they’re your babies and you swear you can tell them all apart and it’s easy when they’re fresh, but when they’re dry it is anyone’s guess, trust me.

Transplanting your weed plants

You can do this in the ground, or you can do it while it’s in a pot, it doesn’t matter.

Calyxes are the tear-shaped parts that contain all the reproductive stuff, including the stigma, the hair-like things that will ultimately start turning amber and help tell you when the flowers (buds) are ripe.

Here in the Bay area, we tend to have pitch perfect conditions and I get by with nothing except that oscillating fan. A great way to keep track of the conditions inside your dry room is with the handy-dandy hygrometer. One of these costs a few bucks at an internet store. This one’s magnetic. I just snap it to the top of that wardrobe and I’m set.

Identifying weed sex organs

Again, there’s not much to do. I don’t prune anymore, because you’re doing nothing except removing flowers, and I don’t fertilize anymore. I just let the plant do what it’s going to do, which is make really pretty flowers until I kill it (at harvest).

I like to give mine a little shake to get them level and a little pat because potting soil is pretty fluffy. It will settle a bit. You don’t need to tamp it down with your hand.