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growing marijuana outside in arizona

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TEMPE, Ariz., April 8, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Tempe, Arizona-based, Marijuana Home Gardens announces it has filed for a patent on its turnkey Outdoor Marijuana Grow Hut Kit (USPTO application: US 63/163,586).

The Outdoor Grow Hut’s patentable design presents a secure structure with limited visibility of the inside plants, but also allows a high degree of sunshine to reach the plants and provides natural air circulation.

A craft traditionally done indoors and in secret, the new law permits Arizona residents to come out of the shadows and grow high-value marijuana plants outdoors, which has substantial advantages to growing indoors.

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The roof is convertible with an open design that permits maximum sunlight exposure during prime growing seasons and can be equipped with additional seasonal tops to protect plants from intense summer sun or trap heat for fall and winter plantings.

The company will deliver and install the structure, as well as plant the first seeds. The company also offers optional service contracts where skilled marijuana growers will come to its customers’ homes on a weekly basis and cultivate the plants and treat the soil to ensure a constant crop.

NEWS SOURCE: Marijuana Gardens AZ LLC

For that reason, Schettino and his partners set out to create the Outdoor Grow Hut, a marijuana grow house that maximizes plant growth and minimizes all equipment and maintenance costs.

Growing marijuana outside in arizona

The city that is basically a large HOA run by Mormons already blocked retail purchasing prior to the election, I am sure Queen Creek is going to follow and probably Snowflake eventhough they have the largest marijuana farm in the state Copperstate farms.

this is unbelievably absurd. does a locked gate/fence not count as a "locked enclosure"??

I’m sure they are drafting it up right now along with reducing the regulation on how many inches a cactus can be in your yard.

You can't grow 6 plants in your backyard

Any bets on how long before a local HOA puts weed on the prohibited list of plants that you can plant in your yard like they do with certain cactus, citrus and some invasive trees?

I have a feeling they aren't going to want to deal with the complaints about the smell in some of these developments where the houses are right against each other. First world Arizona problems.

Now that marijuanas legalized in Arizona, I am curious if the Phoenix area climate in conducive to growing it in my backyard for personal use? I believe AZ’ers are allowed to grow 6 plants on their property. Any green thumbs that have insight would be greatly appreciated!

Guess they don't want the new markets and revenues. Uptight people that are against personal freedoms.

Prop 207 already says it has to be essentially at minimum in the backyard surrounded by walls and protecting minors from accessing it. They don't want anyone growing it in the front yard. Though I do predict lots of new gardeners and grow kits/tents being sold/purchased in Arizona. Welcome to the future.