Growing Marijuana – Regulatory Measures

Growing Marijuana - Regulatory Measures

Marijuana legalization support has never seen such enormous support in the past. Though the debate on legalizing pot has been a long run, many states in the United States have permitted the use of marijuana recently.

Researchers have studied cannabis effects for a long time, and discovered many amazing facts about marijuana. While some studies showed that marijuana smoking is much safer than smoking cigarettes, or consumption of alcohol, other studies have figured out some negative health issues being triggered by cannabis use.

More than 18 states in the country have permitted medical marijuana based on its medicinal benefits over pain and anxiety. Marijuana is also prescribed for terminal cancer and AIDS patients. The active ingredient in marijuana stimulates appetite, and reduces pain sensitivity in the pot smokers. Supporters say that pot smoking is the best alternative for their degrading diseases, where many other drugs failed to improve their condition.

Many states have introduced laws to regulate weed under their authority. Some states allow patients to possess and grow pot in a limited quantity, at their homes, while other states have licensed caregivers to provide weed to the patients. Interestingly, to answer the questions on how do you grow marijuana, there are some institutes coming forward to teach cannabis harvesting methods.

The state authorities may have allowed medical cannabis use, but it is still considered as a Schedule I drug under the federal laws. Federal government regards marijuana use as illegal, and classifies it as harmful as heroin or LSD. Besides all the tension of laws growing immense, the states of Washington and Colorado have permitted the recreational use of cannabis for adults of age 21 and over.

However, public support on the topic has not seen any decline whatsoever. People feel that the federal government should not interfere in the state laws regarding marijuana, and should not harass the public on account of marijuana where it has been declared as legal.

Growing marijuana, however, is a point of trouble for the authorities, as there is no effective measure to check the misuse of the permission to grow pot indoors. Many states have legal growers, who cultivate marijuana and serve the purpose.

Speaking on how do you grow marijuana, medical marijuana dispensary owners say that they take all the necessary precautions to meet the requirements of their patients. This method reduces the risk of abuse of medical marijuana, and helps the authorities to regulate it.