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growing marijuana upside down

Growing marijuana upside down

Topsy Turvy is Made for Tomatoes, Which Hang Down

The topsy-turvy is a growing system that is meant to suspend the plant upside down. Though the idea is novel for tomatoes, it hasn’t been proven to make them grow any faster.

Growing Cannabis with the Topsy Turvy

Unlike Cannabis Which Has Thick Stems and Always Points Itself Up

However, as you can see, it takes up just as much space as a regulat pot, this one drips, and the yields aren’t nearly impressive enough to warrant the trouble.

Growing marijuana upside down

First, you must have a pot, preferably a sturdy one, with hanging wires in the mouth.

You would water and fertilize as normally, but using a slow-drip irrigation system might make the whole process easier. Those with a lot of height to spare could just use a ladder to stand and water the plants as normal, so it’s no biggie.

A major fear in these setups is “what if it drops?” Well, I’ll be frank with you; if it drops from a moderate height, say bye to that plant.

Growing marijuana upside down

CR’s study consisted of 12 tomato plants using the Topsy Turvy planter and 12 tomato plants using traditional, gardening, on the ground methods. CR Study made the following conclusions.

Read on, and you’ll find out.

The biggest disadvantage of growing weed upside down is that Marijuana naturally grows upward. When you grow weed downward you are attempting to put a round peg in a square hole. This means that with upside-down growing you are handicapping yourself from the start.

Limits Of the Consumer Reports Review

Cannabis is, labeled a schedule 1 (Same category as Heroin and LSD) controlled substance. Schedule 1 drugs, according to the US Government, do not have any medicinal uses. As a result, there have been very few scientific or any studies concerning anything about cannabis . So, information on the effectiveness of and certain weed growing techniques is quite limited. Consumer Reports did a review and study of the Topsy planter, which is a decent indicator of how effective the upside-down growing technique may be.

2. Fill the bag with regular potting soil

Topsy Turvy Planter and Upside Down Gardening

The Topsy, which is shown below, is made from a plastic bag, with a hole on the bottom and wire hanging loops at the top. It is easy to use as all you must do is the following: