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growing mid grade weed

We believe that novices are better off trying ‘mids’ weed before top shelf in any case. If you have never used marijuana before, it is downright foolish to spend hundreds of dollars on a strain with a THC of 27%. This type of cannabis is sure to prove too potent. It could provide a high so mighty that you become scared and even a little sick.

Typically, cannabis is considered ‘mids’ when it has a THC content of between 10% and 16%. Top shelf weed is anything above 16% and can go all the way to 30%.

If you don’t have access to a dispensary or licensed dealer, your only other port of call is an illegal black-market dealer. It is they who are most likely to sell you, Reggie, at a dirt-cheap price. While it is easily affordable and could do the job for inexperienced users, we recommend avoiding regs weed at all costs. It is the kind of cannabis used 40 years ago when no one had access to anything better.

In the past, the majority of marijuana was leafy and filled with stems. Today, the herb is getting stronger. Modern users have easy access to gorgeous, potent, flower-tinted weed laden with beautiful THC crystals. If you purchase your pot from a licensed dispensary in a state where weed is legal, you have access to top-shelf marijuana, also known as ‘dank.’

Mids or Regs? – Which One Should You Choose?

Dank weed is always the best choice. However, mid-grade marijuana has ample medicinal effects and is capable of providing you with the psychedelic high you crave. In the main, the look, smell, and taste of ‘mids’ cannabis is below what you’ll enjoy with dank pot. Rather than boasting large, dense, and aesthetically pleasing nugs, mid-grade weed has airy buds.

Never pay full price again!…

The problem is, dank weed is very expensive. In California, for example, there are places in San Francisco where you have to pay over $90 for an eighth of dank. This is bad news for users on a budget. In this scenario, you have three choices. First, you can go without the herb. Second, you can part with your cash and buy the good stuff. Third, you can lower your sights and buyer cheaper ‘mids’ or ‘regs’ weed instead.

What Is ‘Mids’ Cannabis?

By the way, avoid brown weed as this is a sign of oxidation. In other words, it is ‘old’ weed that contains a high level of CBN and a lower amount of THC. You will still get high, but it will be a ‘sedative’ high rather than an exhilarating one.

When looking for ‘mids’ marijuana, don’t focus solely on THC content. Many dispensaries allow you to open jars and sniff what’s inside. It depends on the state you live in, of course. See if you can smell terpenes. If you don’t get hints of anything, or the smell is not strong, try another strain. If this happens several times, find a new dispensary!

Growing mid grade weed

Like ditch weed, mids contain plant matter but in a good ratio. They often do not contain seeds. You can tell that you’re holding a mid weed if you get a slight give upon squeezing it and if it snaps when broken apart.

Although mids are often dry to the touch, they should have a significant amount of well developed frosty trichomes if they were harvested at the right time.

Low-grade weed or Schwab weed: low-quality weed is also called reggie or ditch weed. They have the least amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and are usually the most unpleasant and cheapest kinds of weed. If you want the best marijuana experience, you’ll very likely want to avoid ditch weed.

THC levels and Effects

Mids or Mid grade weed: this is the type of weed you go for when you don’t want schwag buds, yet you don’t want to spend much. Think of the border between high and low cannabis strains, and you’ll find a perfect place for mid weed. They represent halfway between low grade and top-shelf weed. We’ll dwell more on this in the next section.

Each of these has different natural requirements for growth, ranging from habitats to growing and processing techniques. They also differ in the effect they produce in the body (particularly their THC and CBD levels).

You’ll find them in abundance in places like Colorado and California, where weed is legal. If you’re a new-comer in cannabis, mids are a wonderful place to begin. For regular consumers who have tasted the high and low, mids also happen to be a reasonable choice. And it is reasonable in terms of price and quality.

Mid Grade Weed Taste and Aroma

The THC contents of mids typically range from 10-16%. But this depends on the location, as sometimes it can be higher, especially in states where consumption is legalized.

But really, mids are fine for their THC content and will give you your money’s worth in appearance, taste, aroma, and effect.

Growing mid grade weed

T he Canadian government, which is likely to legalize cannabis nationwide this summer, said it planned to allow home grows of up to four marijuana plants, which might yield 5lb in a year to an experienced grower, and is certainly consumable by an experienced smoker.

How to grow your own weed

But home growing has its pleasures. Like tomatoes or carrots, growing one’s own cannabis is cheaper than buying it, and a chance to learn something.

“It’s not rocket science,” she said, but it does involve some knowhow.