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growing weed air conditioner

In general, you need air conditioning capacity that can keep your marijuana grow room at a temperature of 74–81°F, no matter how hot and humid it is outdoors.

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If you install a 10,000-BTU window-shaker air conditioner, the total cost of the unit and the install drops to about $1000. Window air conditioners are only strong enough to cool a room that has 1400 watts or less of grow-light capacity. The simple fact is, most window shakers are noisy, energy inefficient, and incapable of adequately cooling a marijuana grow room.

Your air conditioning equipment choices are: a room air conditioner (window shaker), a split-unit room air conditioner, a whole-house air conditioner, or a combination of some or all of these types of hardware.

Growing weed air conditioner

As such, the cross section of companies with expertise in both HVAC systems and cannabis is small, and indoor growers need to design their systems from the get-go with both sides of the equation in mind. Many systems are not designed in a way that maximizes the potential of the plant.

Two Reasons Growers Get HVAC Wrong

Many of today’s commercial cannabis dehumidification techniques apply a “brute force” method to managing grow room temperature and humidity that disregards the efficiency or cost, not one precisely sized for individual plants or the growing operation. In these environments, employees spend valuable time adjusting settings and equipment to right the latest imbalance in the entire system. There is no integration between parts and no protection against infection. When staff spend the bulk of their time responding to the latest crisis, they fail to maintain the correct grow room temperature and humidity and the risk of infection increases.

2. A lack of understanding (and control)

Your indoor cannabis grow room is a vibrant, living ecosystem, with energy pouring into the system from electricity (lights) and water and pouring out from the plants in the form of water vapor. With each stage of the cannabis plant’s life cycle requiring unique humidity and temperatures to maximize the vitality and chemical profile of the final product, your HVAC system is responsible for bringing this ecosystem under control.