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growing weed balcony

Growing weed balcony

Growing marijuana on a balcony, for example, is a completely competent option, especially great for those living in a flat in big cities. The main things to check before growing weed on a balcony are:

1. Choosing The Seeds

When it comes to the peak days of summer heat, take into account how ‘thirsty’ your plants might be. They can drink water very fast so try not to forget to water your plants, especially during extremely hot days.

7. Be A Present Plant Parent

Things aren’t always perfect in this life, but things not being perfect should never be the reason to stop us from doing anything. Would you stop baking a cake if there’s an ingredient missing? Most would try to find a way to go on.

Growing weed balcony

White plastic pots are the best at keeping your plants’ substrate from heating up, which is why they’re a better choice than white flowerpots. Balcony growers generally use white plastic flowerpots.

Root pruning pots come in various different sizes, although the white ones are probably best for cannabis. They allow for air flow through the roots and keep them growing at a constant pace, although not as intensely as fabric pots.

Fabric Pots

When growing on a balcony or roof space, one of the most important points is discretion, as your neighbors might not be as in favor of your new hobby as you are, and some of them might even want to take tour plants. Plus, the aroma can be quite a give away for the authorities. In order to avoid any of these scenarios we recommend following these steps:

Outdoor growing season starts as soon as spring arrives, although depending on where you live it may or may not be possible to start growing, this depends on the temperature and how hot the sun is. Regardless of this factor, we recommend growing various autoflowering plants (normal or XL) combined with a few seasonal plants that are either fast, early versions or normal flowering plants.

5. Protecting Roots from Heat

The first two weeks of July is when you should germinate and plant your third and last round of autoflowering plants, around 4 weeks before harvesting the second round. If you started the second stage in May, the fourth stage becomes the second and last round of autoflowering plants.