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growing weed hacks

Growing weed hacks

HLG and Electric Sky are certainly not the only great LED grow lights for growing weed, but these are ones I’ve tried and personally recommend based on my experience.

4.) Know the Best Time to Flip to 12/12

This naturally creates a “sea” of buds when plants start flowering that are all about the same distance from the grow light…

5.) Supercropping

As another example, I used an HLG 100 (95W power draw) in a mini tent with better (warmer) environmental conditions and produced 5.5 oz or over 1.5 g/watt. In conclusion, although the ViparSpectra lights work well and I was happy with them, HLG LEDs just seem to perform objectively better for growing weed (better yields, lower heat, and higher THC in lab tests).

Growing weed hacks

It’s the stuff of life – none of us would have grown up to be big, strong and healthy as adults without the right nutrition as kids. The same applies to all living things, cannabis plants included. The soil in which you grow your plants needs to have the right level of nutrients or you are doomed before you begin.

Choose your seeds with care

The good news is that even if you are not blessed with a naturally green thumb, there’s no reason you won’t be able to cultivate some plants to make you proud. Observing the following tips will set you off on the right path.