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growing weed in a pc case

I grew some euphoria weed last year with great success however i no longer have a good safe grow space availiable so i was considering using a computer box and growing some small plants in there. its quite an old box so bigger than normal; 20inch high, 15inch across and 6 inch deep. i was planning on bending a couple of plants around the interior as to make as much use of the space as possible, but i was wondering if that was enough space to veg and flower? what sort of lights hud i be using. and are autoflowering seeds a good plan as they grow small?

Growing weed in a pc case

"What dude, you don't use vanilla yogurt to liquid cool your's?"

"Is that a real computer over there in the corner?"

Hahahah that made me laugh man 🙂 Vanilla cooling is the best

You should trim it

A whole new level of "steam PC"

Growing weed in a pc case

Fines and periods of incarceration increase for greater quantities of marijuana or conviction of subsequent offenses.

“Concentrated cannabis” is the separated resin (whether crude or purified) obtained from the marijuana plant. It is commonly referred to as “hashish” or “hash.” 14

What may medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers legally do?

Additionally, marijuana may not be smoked in any public place or at any location where the smoking of tobacco is legally prohibited, including cannabis retailers.

10. What are the immigration consequences?

The CSA takes precedence over the laws of California. 21 Technically, therefore, when you sell, transport, or give away marijuana, you violate federal law–even if you are abiding by California’s medical marijuana law or recreational marijuana legalization law. 22

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Marijuana and cannabis products must be smoked or consumed in private, with the consent of the property owner. This means that your landlord or employer can prohibit your use of marijuana at work or on a property you rent.

If the minor involved is under 14 years of age, the penalty is:

6. What are the laws for concentrated cannabis?

And for adults, cultivating over six marijuana plants remains a crime. Most defendants who plant, cultivate, harvest, dry or process more than 6 living marijuana plants will be charged with a misdemeanor and face up to six (6) months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $500.

Sentences for violating California Health and Safety Code 11361 are served in California state prison, rather than county jail.