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growing weed in a shoebox

This guy knows what i mean. I don’t have space to hang these up, I live in a small flat. In the end I done a test. I managed to hang a few bits in the airing cupboard for 2 weeks. (the other lot went in the shoe boxes).

The stuff inside the shoe boxes tasted amazing after 3 weeks. The stuff in the airing cupboard went very dry and I had to start the curing process of jarring it up and then opening the jars each day.

Both methods worked but I like the shoe box method (no lid, just a cloth over the top).

Harvest period is a fantastic time for every cannabis grower. This is the moment you have been longing for. You spent hours and hours of sowing and caring your precious plants. And now the ultimate moment has arrived. But what do you do after you have harvested your flower tops? Read everything about drying and curing cannabis buds.

How does curing cannabis buds work?

In the first phase of the curing process, the flower tops spread a strong, pungent smell. Suppose you have a drying room with an open window, remember you will we be able to smell this odor everywhere around the house and that neighbors will certainly notice it. A good way to mask the striking smell is with a cleaning solutions which disperses strong air itself. For example, you can thoroughly clean the rest of the house with an abundant detergent so that the strong smell of it can drown out the weed smell. The weed air will linger for a few days and then disappear.

Curing cannabis spreads a strong smell

You must have heard of the term “curing”. But what does it mean exactly? Curing is actually the process after harvest, but you can also take a number of precautions before harvest. Only harvesting the tops is not enough. For the optimum result, you will need to treat your cannabis buds in a certain way so that they dry and cure properly. So read on and discover everything about curing cannabis buds.

Growing weed in a shoebox

If you’re looking for a smell-proof and durable box on a budget, DiscreetSmoker has you covered. They make numerous products designed specifically for storing stinky flower without attracting attention. Their cases have built-in locks, keeping out sneaky roommates and making them a bargain for the price.

From humble roots, stash boxes are now made solely for the purpose of storing your cannabis. Many come with specialized slots for pipes and grinders, and cannabis humidors are becoming a popular way to keep your flower fresh.

What’s a Stash Box?

We’ll explore the world of stash boxes and recommend a few along the way. From luxury options to budget-friendly boxes, you’ll be able to keep your stash hidden while handy.

While the exact contents are open to interpretation, a stash box is simply a container for storing cannabis and its accessories in a place that isn’t completely obvious to others. Many people use them for storing flower or extracts. Keeping a pipe, dab tools, or lighters on hand is common as well.

Stash Box Options

Few accessories have seen a rebirth quite like the stash box. Velvet bags and the case for your sunglasses have been replaced by extravagant showpieces and highly portable kits that make organizing your essentials a breeze.