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growing weed in alaska outdoors

Growing weed in alaska outdoors

The following article details a grow report of autoflowering cannabis strains cultivated outdoors, mostly using Smart Pots. The purpose of this report is to examine their performance when used to grow autoflowering varieties and note their suitability to the particular demands of this type of cultivation. Smart Pots encourage a vigorous root development that in consequence tends to lead to bigger plants and more abundant harvests.

For this reason, we should grow our cuttings indoors a few weeks before placing them in our outdoor greenhouse. In this way, we can control the final height of our plants keeping in mind that, while our plants will start flowering as soon as we place them outdoors, they will have the typical stretch during the pre-flowering stage just like in any other type of cultivation. Protecting our plants from the cold, frost, wind and other bad weather conditions with a greenhouse is also a good idea, since our plants will have a more abundant flowering.

Growing marijuana in plant pots

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How to grow marijuana for personal use on your balcony

In the case of cannabis crops that are being cultivated in California by this method, more specifically in Humboldt County, they rely on the second option, since they are located near rivers, allowing the plants to absorb the water that accumulates below the ground. It may seem impossible to imagine that majestic cannabis plants can develop and deliver quality crops without the grower watering them, but it is a method that really works.

Growing weed in alaska outdoors

Fried expects there are closer to 600 jobs in the industry by now, and more expected to come. He said there are as many licences waiting for state approval as there are currently operating across Alaska.

In late March, the Steep Hill Alaska marijuana testing facility in Anchorage closed because the bank, Wells Fargo, took back a loan on the business's building after learning it was a marijuana operation.

In March, Alaska collected $1.1 million in state cannabis taxes. Monthly state taxes are expected to stay well into the millions, according to Alaska Department of Labour. Marijuana is taxed at $50 an ounce when being transferred or sold between cultivators and retail shops.

'Positive changes in culture'

"This is one of the brighter spots in our economy, and probably one of the fastest growing industries right now," said Neal Fried, a researcher with the Alaska Department of Labor. "That might change as it matures, but it's certainly not anywhere close to maturing."

"Give them some interaction — like I'm a little bird or a little mouse, out in the wilderness," said Metz, describing how she cares for the 100 plants she cultivates, in a re-purposed sea container on her property.

Hundreds of jobs for Alaskans

Hahn could not disclose how much the city is earning in marijuana-related taxes, because they are only coming from one business.

"Alaskans love their weed, so there is definitely a demand for it — and we grow it," said Metz.

Growing weed in alaska outdoors

Both medical and recreational growers need to be over 21 years of age.

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These have to be sent along with a properly completed application form . Registration costs $25 while renewal is $20. It is important to provide all the necessary documents and complete the application form properly so it won’t get denied. Those with applications that have been denied will have to wait 6 months before they can reapply.

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FAQs about growing marijuana in Alaska

It’s also important to note that some Alaskans do risk growing 25 plants and some clinics may say that they can offer to process a medical marijuana registration that allows a 25 plant limit. This is because the right to privacy loophole may offer some legal protection but these clinics are just offering something that’s free under the constitution. Don’t expect t he Alaskan government to provide clarity on that matter, it will insist that growers stick to the 6 plant limit.

Another significant turn in Alaska’s cannabis history is Noy v. State . Here, the defendant’s conviction for possession of less than 8 oz of weed was overturned based on the Ravin vs State case where the defendant had over 4 ounces.

The home growing limit is the same for both recreational and medical marijuana and plant owners get to keep all the marijuana that they harvest from their plants.

History of marijuana in Alaska

Things started to take a turn for the better when the state legalized medical marijuana in 1998 by approving Measure 8, possibly due to the example set by California two years prior.

The cultivation limit is the same for both medical and recreational marijuana: 6 plants per household, but only 3 can be mature at a given time.