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growing weed in belgium

Growing weed in belgium

It is illegal to sell or possess cannabis in Belgium. However, in 2003, limited personal use of cannabis was decriminalised. This only applies to amounts of 3g or less and is on the condition that the user is not being a public nuisance. Medical use of cannabis is legal but is limited to the use of one product – Sativex oral spray for multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis laws in Belgium

Unfortunately, I cannot find a definite answer to your question. As different areas in Belgium have the option to make their own rules regarding cannabis, it is even possible that the answer could depend on exactly where in Belgium one is. My advice would be to contact a legal professional in Belgium to be sure of obtaining an accurate answer. Sorry I can’t help you further!

What is Belgian cannabis like?

It is illegal to sell cannabis in Belgium, and an individual caught selling it may face a fine or a prison sentence. Again, the law is complex on this issue. The 1998 directive suggested that those selling cannabis to finance their own addiction should be given a reduced prison sentence or fine. Then, a new law was introduced in 2003, categorising the sale of cannabis:

Growing weed in belgium

I'm an expat living in Belgium, and I was wondering if someone who follows national politics had some fresh news on the drug policy with regards to marijuana, what it is now and if it's likely to change in the near future.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm moving in my own apt (joined by my gf in a short while) and I would like to start growing, strictly for personal consumption. I don't want to have any kind of problems, and as such I want to comply with the law 100%: if that means a single plant, I will do just that. No biggie.

I tried to do a search but didn't find super recent sources. Afaik, it should be legal (decriminalized?) to have up until 3g of bud on you, and grow one plant? Is one plant per household or one for each person?