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growing weed in garage

The passage of Proposition 207 in Arizona, legalizing recreational cannabis, ushered in a new opportunity for the home gardener. Adults ages 21 and older are now allowed to grow a limited amount of cannabis plants at home for personal use.

How many cannabis plants can I grow?

But like growing any plant, it can be easy to overthink it, he said.

How long does it take to grow cannabis?

As of Oct. 19, the company was sold out of seeds, but people can join an email list for an update when seeds are back in stock:

Basement grow ops also offer extra security that protects growers against thieves and law enforcement. There are, however, disadvantages to running a basement grow room, including:

The customized grow op will ultimately save you money, increase yields, protect plants from pests and diseases, and provide a near-perfect indoor environment that’s more difficult to duplicate in a house or apartment.

Growing Cannabis In Basements

I used a 250-watt high intensity discharge fixture, a metal halide bulb for grow phase, and a high pressure sodium lamp for bloom phase. I hung the grow light from the clothing dowel.

It’s best if they have no external wall that receives direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon. Plus, it’s ideal if the grow room can be equipped with a split-unit wall-mounted air conditioner.

Growing Weed In A Detached Garage Or Outbuilding

Successful home growers tend to live in a house on a relatively large property and have built a customized and detached grow room behind their home within a fenced yard, so the detached grow structure isn’t visible from the street or from beyond the property line.