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growing weed in germany

Growing weed in germany

A former slaughterhouse in Dresden, Germany is now home to row after row of cannabis plants.

Germany’s new coalition

“There will be more start-ups. There will be more companies. There will be a whole industry, a sector being around. From regulation, from delivery to the dispensaries, to the logistics,” said Finn Hänsel co-founder of the pharmaceutical company Sanity Group.

Concerns over criminal gangs

“Yes, I understand that there are risks involved with it. I mean, if we are looking at the usage of cannabis for minors and everything, then of course, we need to address that in the details,” he said.

Growing weed in germany

The law is less clear, however, on criminal prosecution for the consumption of cannabis.

Fancy a magic mushroom?

Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) produces – you guessed it – opium. To harvest it, you simply incise the capsules and let the white latex exude and dry. Opium contains high amounts of morphine, the strongest existing pain medication. A chemical variation of morphine provides the semi-synthetic drug heroin.

Mother Nature’s drug lab

Medical marijuana became legal in March 2017. Prior to the law’s passage, an estimated 1,000 patients across the country had received special permission to use the drug for medical treatment.

Growing weed in germany

Germany currently has three medicinal cannabis products available to patients. These are Sativex, Dronabinol, and Nabilone. However, they are all expensive, which means that some patients can’t afford them (unless they’re covered by their health insurance).

What is a ‘small amount’ of cannabis?

During this period, cannabis oil was widely used to treat inflammation, coughs, parasitical infections, gonorrhoea and more.

Is CBD legal in Germany?

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