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growing weed in mini fridge

Growing weed in mini fridge

Very low expenses, except for the drill bit and fan.

Purplekush said:
Well, I dove right in and got to work today.

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the door, and wrap the seal around the edge of it. Then screw in the screws through the seal and the cardboard into the pre-dilled holes. This probably isn’t the best way to do this, but we were improvising, and it works.

Since I haven’t seen a step by step tek for this, I’ll try to put one together.

Oh, I get it now. I’ve never even seen weed, so you need to explain things like this to me. you mean that different situations require different things? that’s crazy talk man

or a 250 watt CFL like this one

Thanks for the help guys.

Also, how much of a heat increase can I expect? Will that inline fan be enough to take care of the heat?

whoo shit, I thought I was just giving him an innocent ribbing, didn’t mean for that to get so serious!

For Snoop, it’s all about “promoting a healthier lifestyle” and providing his friends and communities with “products that allow for growth in unused urban spaces.

In addition, the company explains, “Snoop will contribute to a social responsibility program that will be sharing Seedo’s growing practices and providing donated Seedo products for local communities, neighborhood organizations, and his community of influencers. This initiative will start in his hometown of Long Beach, CA.”

It’s an airtight, air-conditioned, AI-enabled, automatic growing system that syncs up with an app that lets you watch the progress of your plants on your phone, without opening the device’s door at any time during the growth process.

Starting today, Tha Doggfather will be a brand ambassador for Seedo, helping promote the company’s products and “increase awareness for agricultural technology and urban farming.”

Blackstone To Sell The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas For $5.65 Billion

I’ve been a fan of the Seedo for quite some time now. While there are several automated cannabis growing devices for home growers, none is as discreet, and looks as good and cool as the SeedoHome.

Well, that, but for weed: that’s Seedo.

To put it in plain English, The SeedoHome looks like a hotel minibar. But it is not.

The Making Of New York’s $150 Million ‘Cannabis Campus’

“Promoting a healthier lifestyle by providing my friends and communities with products that allow for growth in unused urban spaces is something I’m all the way down with.” Snoop Dogg

Think of it like a soufflé: put in the key ingredients needed, close the oven, and don’t open again until it’s ready.

Growing weed in mini fridge

Have you ever wanted to grow pot, but thought to yourself, "I'm too dumb and bad at nature to grow pot." Well, worry no more. Leaf will make growing your own pot idiot-proof. Here's how it works: You plant your weed and put it in Leaf, which is like a mini-fridge, if your mini-fridge was a robot that took care of growing your weed. This is how it works:

We live in the golden age of marijuana. One day, future generations will look back at this time the way we look back on the days of the early explorers. Only about weed. Like the Magellan of weed is probably some dude in Denver right now who is discovering that if you smoke weed into your ear, it'll cure cancer. Or at least look bitching. Anyway, the next big thing in weed may very well be this new device: Leaf.

First, if you're a cop in a state that isn't Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, or DC; stop reading this. (And if you're a cop, you have to tell me. That's like totally the law, man.)

Okay, good they're gone.

This seems like Back to the Future technology applied to weed, which is to say it's amazing. Unfortunately it's also very expensive. A Leaf unit will cost you $1,500, and won't ship until Summer 2016. But if it does what its website claims it can, it promises a pretty exciting and high future.