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growing weed in new zealand

Growing weed in new zealand

Polling done by Helius suggests the referendum will be “no slam dunk” for the yes vote, and Manning says his confidence in the vote passing has begun to wane.

Last year the government announced an informal “amnesty” for growers to come forward and work with research and development companies. Now a nationwide search is under way for unique strains of the cannabis plant, with many varieties growing in isolation for decades on the fertile North and South Islands.

With a few hundred plants on the go, the 33-year-old says what was once a hobby has morphed into a full-time occupation, mostly avoiding the attention of police.

Dave says he thought about quitting the industry years ago after a serious run-in with police, but now so many people are dependent on him, meaning that shutting up shop is no longer an option.

‘Mostly good blokes’

“Its an incredibly exciting time and this industry is moving out of the shadows into a legitimate market place. For some growers that is really scary but others are seeing it as a huge opportunity,” says Manning.

A cannabis flower Photograph: Supplied, Helius

Manning believes there may be several phenotype expressions of cannabis in New Zealand, and local varieties of the plant imported from the Netherlands 20 years ago that are no longer widely available anywhere else in the world.

‘Out of the shadows’

After an initial surge of support for the yes vote, polls are now showing voters swinging towards the no camp as rhetoric from the opposition National party ramps up, and conservative lobby groups voice dire warnings.

Helius is the largest New Zealand company to be granted a research and development licence for medicinal cannabis.

This section outlines what you will need to work through to obtain a medicinal cannabis licence. This includes providing guidance to help you complete your application, set out the application process and the fee structure. Read more.

Activities related to the cultivation, manufacture or supply of medicinal cannabis products must be carried out in accordance with a medicinal cannabis licence issued by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency under the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations 2019.

The medicinal cannabis scheme enables the commercial cultivation of cannabis for the medicinal use and the manufacture and supply of cannabis-based ingredients, starting material and medicinal cannabis products. Read more.

12 March 2021: A new medicinal cannabis product has been verified as meeting the minimum quality standards. – Read more.

Applying for a licence

The following pages outline the types of 'activity' that can be carried out by the licence holder and the people working under their authority.

The following pages outline some of the key requirements you will need to meet when working with medicinal cannabis.

Licence activities

Growing weed in new zealand

“It’s an exciting day. We’ve been [through] two-and-a-half years of very hard work to get to this point and it’s so exciting to have our crop now underway at the outdoor facility on the Kaikōura coast.”

‘New Zealand cannabis will be the best in the world’

“It’s said that cannabis split from the hops plant possibly tens of millions of years ago.

Winston’s brother Sank Macfarlane operated the store and was also a Puro director.