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growing weed in soil vs hydroponics

Growing weed in soil vs hydroponics

It is worth keeping in mind, hydroponics may require a higher degree of care than a soil grow. Microorganisms in soil can help restore balance in case of issues like a pH imbalance or over-fertilization, but since hydroponic mediums don’t have this capability, you’ll need to be careful and deliberate in the ways you nurture your plants.

If you’re a homegrower with the right equipment and expertise, you can set up a hydroponic grow in a space the size of a walk-in closet and yield far more than you would with a soil grow in a comparable space.

Control Your Environment

The classic image of hydroponic cultivation is large, intricate, expensive systems in industrial warehouse grows, but hydroponic cultivation is actually much more accessible than that.

Since you’re going to be delivering nutrients directly to each plant, each plant’s root system requires significantly less space than with a soil grow. Less space needed for roots means you can use a grow space more effectively, whether it’s a walk-in closet or a warehouse. The only factor that will limit your number of plants and the density of your canopy is the strength and availability of light.

Grow Hydroponically Indoor or Outdoor

You can design and set up a relatively low-cost setup, but it requires a strong understanding of the basic principles of hydroponic cultivation. Alternately, you can forgo designing your own setup and buy premade solutions. A system capable of growing 5-6 plants can start at around $100, and quickly increase from there with features that increase control and ease of use.

Growing weed in soil vs hydroponics

Hydroponics means no soil is required. Instead, cannabis is planted in one of the soilless mediums such as clay pebbles, coco coir, vermiculite, or peat moss. This method implies that cannabis roots get all the nutrients from a liquid solution.

Soil is the most traditional and the most forgiving medium, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. This method will not require prior knowledge, experience, and a lot of resources.

Soil Cons

Do you want to step up your game and grow cannabis in a marijuana hydroponic system? Why not? Especially when you have adequate knowledge of the plants!

Soil Pros

If you do not have prior knowledge and experience, or a lot of time to dedicate to your plants, choose soil. Are you more experienced? Then you can benefit from hydroponics higher THC percentage and amazing quality. Yes, it’s harder, but don’t let this discourage you. Every time your harvest will get better and better.

Growing weed in soil vs hydroponics

Answer: It looks like Magnesium deficiency, but considering your nutrients have plenty of magnesium, and what you said about your pH. I think this is really a pH problem.

Popular Cannabis Soil Choice: Ocean Forest Mixed with About 20% Perlite

Since then, Nebula has published dozens of growing articles in print and online, stars in online video lessons, and continues to dedicate herself to serving the needs of the medical marijuana growing community.


Also make sure you’re testing the pH of the runoff water that comes out the bottom of your pot. This will give you a clue if there’s something going on at the roots that is dramatically changing your pH. Good luck!

Plants naturally absorb nutrients from soil, though especially in the flowering stage, it’s up to you to provide just the right amount (not too much) of the right kind of nutrients to maximize your yields and prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Popular Cannabis Soil Choice: Ocean Forest Mixed with About 20% Perlite

Organic potting soils often work well for growing marijuana when mixed with perlite. Fox Farm Ocean Forest is a popular soil choice among marijuana growers. Regardless of the soil you start with, most growers will need to supplement with nutrients for the best results.