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growing weed in tree tops

once you have the tree you will use; then you have to climb to the top, and find the spot where your bucket/plant will rest.
the spot where your plant should be, should be as close to the top of the tree as possible, if not the very top. you should clear out any main branches that will be blocking light from your plant.
if done properly, you plant will recive tons of light, and will grow Huge!, and simply replace the top of a tree.
if you find a tree that is easy to climb all the way to the top, you dont even need a pully system. just somehow keep your bucket mounted at the top of the tree. i found a way in my tree, to just wedge the bucket in place, and it sits upright.
if you decide to grow in the tops of trees, you dont have to grow just one plant. i found it very easy to grow 4 plants per tree. you can also grow in more than just one tree. you could grow in 5 trees, and have 3 plants in each. or you could grow in 5 trees, with one plant in each. its really up to you, and the tree you picked.
a 6 foot tall plant, isnt even the least bit noticeable sticking out of the top of a tree, i really think this is a great method, if you dont want to risk getting caught, or your crop stolen. also using this method, you will get very large, very potent buds, if done correctly.

there are a few different ways to grow your plant at the top of a tree.
one is to grow your plant in a bucket, and set it up on a pully system. the advantage of using a pully system is that you dont have to climb to the top of the tree to check your plant. if its on a pully, you only have to only climb, say 10 feet, then lower your bucket on the pully system, do what is needed, then send it back to the top.
to decide on a tree; find a tree that has low branches, so you can climb into the tree. you just need a tree that is easy to climb. and has a nice canopy.

Tips: if you are using a white bucket to grow in; you should camoflauge the bucket to match the tree, make your bucket the two main colors of the tree your growing in. find spray paint that is close to the color of the bark of the tree, and the green leaves. if done right, your bucket will be virtually invisible.
also, if you use a pully system: use green ropes, and spray paint the pullys, so they dont shine.

i have known of a great way for growing outdoors for years now, and i have not once seen a thread on here about my method. i thought i would share my knowledge, for you growers who have never thought of this.
My method is growing your plants at the top of a tree or trees.
by growing at the top of a tree, your plants will recive a great deal of light, that is not availible on the ground.

well good luck to anyone who uses my method. its a great one. have fun yall

The sky’s the limit with outdoor plants—you can let them get as big and tall as you want, as long as they’re manageable. One plant can potentially yield between a half-pound and full-pound of dried weed! Growing a handful of hands for yourself is more than enough. With an indoor grow, your space is a lot more restricted.

How to set up your outdoor marijuana grow

Balcony: This can be a great spot if it gets good light—ideally, it faces south—and will usually get good wind. However, you may need to cover your balcony from peeping neighbors.

Types of outdoor grow spaces

While shopping for soil, you might be overwhelmed by the options available at your local garden store. The soil type is the basic structure of your soil. From there, look at nutrients, microorganisms, and other amendments that improve the soil. Your choices will be flooded with words like:

One trick to avoid hot temps is to have the grow lights on during the evening, when it’s cooler outside, and leave the lights off during the day when it’s hot. This may help bring down the temps, but you’ll only be able to work on the plants at nighttime when the lights are on.

How to set up an indoor grow room

As much fun as growing marijuana indoors is, having a home that perpetually smells like fresh weed can be a serious inconvenience, if not to you than possibly your neighbors. Although weed odor from a small indoor grow in a closet is much easier to manage than a large grow with several flowering plants, both can produce pesky odors that will permeate an entire home if left unattended.

Odor control in your indoor marijuana grow

The flowering stage will always take about eight weeks—some strains take seven, some nine, some even more, it depends on the strain.