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growing weed in wardrobe

Most people freak out when they hear this word. But don’t worry. We’re not saying you need to spray your plants with terrible chemicals that will harm your body. There are many all natural forms of pest control. For example, many bugs are repelled by eucalyptus oil. Simply soak some towels with this oil and spread the towels around the pots to help prevent pests.

Well, if you like to smoke herb, then this is a great investment. Sure, you’re going to have to buy some equipment which might be a little pricey but this investment could save you lots of money down the road.

You will need to know the temperature of the closet you’re growing in. The ideal temperature for a growing room is in the mid 70s.


By following a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy your cannabis yields in no time at all.

Making sure your plants have air circulation is vital. Poor air circulation will cause your plants to experience CO2 depletion which is a vital nutrient for all the plants. Additionally, plants indoors need air to maintain proper humidity levels. Too much humidity will cause mold and other types of fungus. Plants with not enough humidity will dry out and face the risk of dying; that leads us to our next piece of equipment:

Obviously, if you’re the homeowner you’re good to go. As long as you’re not going around telling your entire neighborhood about it, then you should have nothing to worry about.

Equipment needed for Closet Grow:

This process of growing weed is called a “closet grow”. This refers to a small space in a cupboard, closet or any wardrobe that has been altered and equipped with all the tools required for the cultivation of weed indoors.

There are specific ways in which you can cultivate weed indoors and the following guide will give you more information on how to do so.

Growing weed in wardrobe

A lot of people opt to grow their cannabis outdoors, in a greenhouse, or in a dedicated corner in their home. While these locations are all well and good, they may not be suitable options for you. Instead, you are seeking a spot where you can sprout your weed in privacy – a stealth growing operation, so to speak.

1. Save money.

Your first closet grow can be a little intimidating; however, with the right supplies, set-up, and patience, you should be able to successfully cultivate your very own ganja under the radar of prying eyes (and noses).

Seeds or Plants

Perhaps it’s because you don’t want to deal with finding a reliable source, you’re tired of paying exorbitant prices, or you’re interested in becoming a supplier for others; no matter the reason, growing your own weed can be quite rewarding, but it isn’t without it’s challenges.

LEDs will also help you deliver more high-quality yields than other lighting solutions.

If you are growing weed in your closet, you also want to control the size as well as the odor that might be coming from it. First, it’s important that you select seeds that you know are not going to consume too much space as they begin to form into beautiful plants with flowers. Since you are growing in a closet, it’s easy to assume that your space is limited. If you are buying seeds from a local dispensary, ask the vendor for seeds that are optimal for growing in a small space.

Mission Possible: Growing Weed in Your Closet

Last but not least, it’s also good to think of an “emergency” plan or what you are going to do if somebody spills the beans to someone like your parents. Would you be able to discard your closet swiftly, or can you mask the closet so that it still looks like you are keeping clothes inside it? When you are done contemplating your grow strategy, follow the next five steps to fulfill your closet grow mission.

#5: Preparing for harvest

Converting Your Closet Into a Grow Room

#1 Cleaning the closet