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growing weed outdoors in san diego

Growing weed outdoors in san diego

Grow Year Round

Seasons in California

Organic Cannabis Soil Recipe

Autoflower plants

If you’re growing in Northern California, you might want to take better advantage of the direct sunlight when you have it. Keep your plants out in a spot where they can make full use of the sunlight that they get.

Growing weed outdoors in san diego

It’s essential to first consider your climate because it will dictate the kind of marijuana strain you’re able to grow. If you live in an area with a history of cannabis growing, find out what strains people have grown. There is also a good possibility that there are strains available explicitly for that climate.

Some places to consider for an outdoor grow include:

Also, when using natural soil, you have to dig holes and amend the soil regularly. For people with debilitating medical conditions, this level of manual labor will prove difficult.

Step #8: Choose the Right Genetics

All clones are female plants that have the same traits, and they are known for producing premium quality weed.

Typically, seeds only begin to germinate when exposed to constant temperatures of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts suggest keeping your plants indoors for up to four weeks before bringing them outside when the weather is more suitable.

When harvesting outdoors, make sure you have the requisite tools. When it’s time, bring sealable bags. We recommend carrying a holdall if you use Ziploc bags for added security. Cut the marijuana plants into lengths that make them easy to transport. In other words, make sure they fit in your bags!

Tips for Choosing a Grow Site

You can use training tools such as screens and ties to ensure the plants grow in a specific shape. You need to prune your plants if you’re concerned about height control; an essential element of low-key growing!

It is important to remember that cannabis plants start flowering as the days get shorter. This is why growing marijuana in northern latitudes is a problem. Your cannabis will flower. However, the process happens too late to get the most from the sun in late summer.

Growing weed outdoors in san diego

Under Prop. 64, anyone in California over the age of 21 may grow 6 plants per parcel of land. With your homegrown cannabis, you are able to use it personally, or gift it to your friends and family. You may not sell it for profit. Only licensed cannabis businesses are legally able to sell cannabis in San Diego, CA. You may not grow cannabis at home and sell it to your local dispensary.

Anyone over the age of 21 can grow 6 cannabis plants. If you have your doctors recommendation, then you can grow “as much as you need according to your condition.”

What about your right to grow indoors in San Diego? Renters are subject to their contracts with their landlords. Landlords have the legal right to forbid cannabis cultivation, as well as smoking. People have always done things to protect their property, even if the prohibited behavior is not illegal. Landlords prohibit smoking, pets, and yes, even growing cannabis.

Prop 64: Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Rights

As per the CA Supreme Court’s People vs. Kelly ruling in 2010, regarding Prop 215, medical marijuana patients are entitled to have and cultivate whatever amount of marijuana / cannabis is necessary for their personal medical use. According to Proposition 215, residents of the state of California who become medical marijuana patients are legally allowed to cultivate and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Since we teach people to grow cannabis plants at home, this is a common question we receive. Let’s review cannabis plant count numbers in San Diego, CA.

We don’t see anything for Prop 64 to negate from Prop 215.

Prop 215: Medical Marijuana Patients Cultivation Rights

Currently, you can not grow cannabis outdoors in San Diego, except in the Chula Vista and Oceanside areas.

There is also something called a daily plant purchase limit pursuant to the Department of Cannabis Control. Adults over age 21 can buy 6 cannabis plants per day, or 12 cannabis plants per day if you have a doctor’s recommendation. When a doctors recommendation lists a higher plant count than 12, it is ultimately up to the plant seller to honor that or not.